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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter and some riddles.

First, let me wish you all a blessed and happy Easter, a time to rejoice at the Resurrection of our Lord.  Now, go hunt the eggs that the Easter Bunny hid for you and that basket full of candy.  I love eggs fixed all different ways and hard boiled eggs are no exception.  I remember when I was a very young boy, I woke up one Easter morning and noticed some small roundish shadows on the blinds in my bedroom.  I just had to take a look and there they were, lined up on my bedroom window sill, beautiful colored Easter eggs.

How about a few riddles today to go along with the candy and eggs?  I will put the answers at the bottom, that way you will not have to wait until tomorrow.

1. What is in the middle of this month and next month (March and April) that can't be found at the beginning nor the end of either month?

2.  If you write down all the numbers from 1 to 99, how many sixes and sevens would in all would you have to write down?

3.  Can you remember back to the day when President Nixon took office?  It was in daylight and it was a clear day, but when he looked out of the window, he couldn't see the Empire State Building.  Why?

4.  A 22 year old healthy fellow works behind the counter of a "pick & mix" candy store.  He is 6'-4" tall with a 44 inch chest and size 12 feet.  What does this fellow weigh?

5.  Is it more correct to say "the herd of sheep is eating hay in the field" or "the herd of sheep are eating hay in the field"?

6.  And for you computer experts, how many binary numbers does it take to make a dozen?

Yep, I know that all my readers are very intelligent and probably answered all the above questions correctly, but for the few of you who may have had trouble with one of them, I will now give you the answers.

1.  An "R" is in the middle of each month.

2.  There is a total of 40 sixes and sevens.

3.  The White House is in Washington, D.C, and the Empire State Building is in New York City.

4.  He weighs candy.

5.  Neither is correct.  It should be a flock of sheep. . .

6. Why 12, of course.

Well, how did you do in my little quiz?  I hope you did better than I did.  Sometimes quizzes like this make me feel real stupid.  Now, you all have a great Easter, you hear?   


  1. Guess I must still be asleep 'cause I missed a lot of them! Yeah, that's my excuse!

    Pretty sneaky, Dizzy! Happy Easter!

  2. I'm 0&6 on that test, I do better on multiple-chose/guess. Happy Easter to you and your's!

  3. I took the quiz... then had Bill do it. Each of us missed 2... we both missed the sheep... heck, we raised goats... I tend to call everything a herd... even a herd of birds ;-) It's the easy ones that sneak up on you. Happy Easter!

  4. H.J., sounds like a good excuse to me.

    Jimkabob, well at least you are a hundred percent, even though it was all incorrect. . .

    The Odd Essay, You all did better than I did when I found these. It sort of made me feel real dumb.

    Trouble, I got a laugh out of your answer. I had to, also.

  5. Dizzy it is too early for tests! Or could it be because I only got question 3 right?

    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  6. MsB, at least you a higher score that others, like Jimkabob. I can pick on him because he is my cousin.

  7. I got every one of them right except how many sixes and sevens would you use. Cuz I'm retired and I don't work with numbers anymore.

  8. Lotta joy, there are a lot of people that have trouble with match. I have trouble with language, even the only one I know.

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  10. I just hate pop quizzes! I got two of them correct so IF you grade on the curve I guess I'll pass.