Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wondering about the Jungle on the porch.

 I thought that we could go on a safari this morning.  Don't have to go too far around here, just out on the back porch.  My wife has a jungle growing out there.  Don't believe me, well take a look:

 Here is a close up to show you that my wife also paints flowers on the plants' containers:

These bright red flowers do brighten up an early Spring day:

They are called Kalanchoe.  My wife has raised them for years and they grow babies on their leaves.  If a leaf falls off (or just pull one off), lay it on a damp paper towel or on potting soil, it will spring baby plants along the leaf.  Here is another view:

 And another picture:

A view from the other side showing a variety of plants and flowers:


Well, I guess we all survived the safari and I hope it brightened up your dayAs you can see, the sun is shining bright this morning.  I hope the sun is shining in your life and that you all will have a very great day today, you hear?


  1. Had those kalanchoes back in my past, and they never bloomed. Tried all the things to make them,,but nope, never. BUT, I had an aloe vera that DID. Never knew they bloomed.

  2. That's one thing I miss about living in our RV... no live plants. We had a little greenhouse on the side of our house and started our own plants from seeds for the garden. If it were 14 years ago, I'd have at least a dozen flats of peppers, flowers etc under the grow lights and several more flats of brasica ready for the garden. So I really enjoyed seeing your wife's jungle!

  3. Oh yes, I needed a cutlass to get through that jungle and what a lovely plant. Nothing like brightening up the day with some greenery. Your wife must have green fingers because plants need a lot of loving care and attention (with a song or two) to grow so nicely. Yes, the sun was shining brightly today but the weather is about to go back to normal for England ie: cold cold and more cold.

  4. Shutting the house down in the winter has prunned my wife's jungle back. She has to find winter homes for the plants she really likes. Any left behind freeze solid.

  5. Dizzy did I see an alligator plant there(six picture down saw tooth leaf?

  6. Trouble, I never heard of aloe vera blooming. None that we had ever did. Does that make us even.

    The Odd Essay, I have seen a few plants in RVs but very few. I can see where it would be a problem.

    Rmm-Punch Drunk, I keep her plants well watered and on the couple of nights it got cold, I through sheets over them. The hardest they have is when we leave for a long trip.

    Sixbears, I can see that it would be hard to keep plants all year up there in New Hampshire.

  7. I think a home without any greenery just looks too stark. Gotta have some plants here and there.

  8. My favorite is Kalanchoe. You can't kill it even if you try.

    So would you PLEASE ask your wife how I managed to kill all of mine? It broke my heart!!!

    Strong sun? Partial sun? Little water? Lots of water? I just can't get them to stop falling over dead when they see me approaching.

  9. It sure does look a lot like my patio. I don't know how my plants get by, no more care that they get from me.

    Another advantage of living in the South, I guess.

  10. Your wife and you have a green thumb...me, I kill all my plants :(

  11. Jill, we sure arn't start then, she even has plants inside, too.

    Lotta Joy, The secret is she tries to kill it (grin) She also says that maybe it is because they originally came from a church sell.

    HJ, you got that right. On the few nights it gets close to freezing, I just throw a sheet or two over them.

    MsB, Lets see what they look like whe we take long trips, especially during the summer.