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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wondering what I got?

Went back to the blood specialist.  Remember my blog back on March 5th about going to the specialist and getting ten viles of blood taken for testing?  Well, yesterday I went back to the doctor to get the results.  He told me that I had  Chronic Myeloid Leukemia or CML for short.  Look it up.  There was some good news along with the bad.  The bad news was that this disease will kill me.  The good news is that I will probably die before it kills me.  He said that survival rate is around 18 to 20 years.  That would put me at 88 or 90.  Heck, and here I thought that I could match my Dad's brother who made it to 100.  Guess my uncle is going to win.

On the other hand, this has been the most beautiful week, weather wise, we have had in a long time.  I couldn't be more perfect.  The sky has been a very pretty blue with no clouds at all.  I took a walk around my place the other day and everything is blooming and all the trees are green but. . .  Sixbears said that he had a fifth season called the mud season.  Well, we her in East Texas also have a fifth season, it is the yellow season.  Everything is yellow.  Everyone drives a yellow vehicle.  If you stay outside too long you too will turn yellow.  That is how bad the tree pollen is this time of year.  The next bad season will come shortly.  That is the love bug season in which your vehicle gets plastered with messy smelly love bugs as you drive down the road.  Don't you just love Spring time?  I do.  Now you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Not good news, but not the worse either. The thing about long term problems is that there's time for better treatments to be discovered. Good luck.

    Yellow season, that's a good one. True too.

  2. Sorry to hear the news, but at least the time frame is favorable. Like Sixbears said, so many changes are found every day...

  3. Glad if you had to get something it wasn't a horrible diagnosis. You seem to be taking it with a good sense of humor. Take care of yourself and you might make it to 101 :) Love your weather be glad when it is here!!!!

  4. I'm sorry to hear about the CML. Did they advise you to do or take anything for it? I can't recall, Diz, but what made them check for it in the first place - did you complain about symptoms, or did they follow up on blood test results?

  5. How much do you trust a doctors prediction? 18 to 20 years don't sound too bad when you're already old.

  6. Sixbears, at least I know to use me before my expiration date. . .

    HJ, So far I don't have any of the symptoms, but I guess, that will change.

    Tammy, If you don't have a sense of humor, you are dead already.

    Gypsy, I had my yearly exam just to get the doctor to allow more refills on my high blood pressure bedications. They found my white count 150 percent over normal and was told to see a hematologist.

    BB, I don't trust them. I want that 18 or 20 years in a written guarantee, wouldn't you? I never expected to live any longer than that anyway.

    1. When I think about the doctor's prediction, I think he was trying to tell you to just enjoy life and you will have a long time to do it. I think you got good news compared to what many of us will receive. Celebrate!

  7. Gosh DD, that actually sounds kinda good, out of all the possibilities we can have at our age. I got the COPD/emphysema diagnosis 6 years ago and can't tell any difference yet. So, at our age we have to live a lot longer to know we have a disease that will kill us....lololol (sry,,that sounded kinda funny.)

  8. Trouble, it sounds real good, I never thought I would have that much longer (grin) I never get upset or worried about my self, just my family and my dogs.

  9. Glad to hear the better if not good news that you do not have an immediate health problem. We got places to go, people and places to see. Guitar strings to pluck and tall tales to expand on. Thanks for the comet pictures, we have yet to see the heavenly body due to weather in the western sky. I remember the love bugs in Florida were so thick people had to put screen bras on their cars to keep from clogging up the radiators.

  10. Hi DD, that must have been a shock to you!
    It was to me.
    I hope we can find a diet that will help you control it. Circumin is supposed to be good for that.
    I hope that it doesn't affect you for a long, long, time.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny,

  11. Being late in posting, I'll just second what the other comments are. Especially the part about new treatments being used and better drugs "discovered" every day. I'm betting that you outdo your Uncle and make it to 100!

  12. Gosh Dizzy, I am glad you got an early diagnose and that you are taking it so well.

    If you have to have something at least this one has a very long survival rate. As fast as science is advancing I am sure they will come up with a cure.

    Love your bright outlook on things.

  13. Jimkabob, the only immediate problem would be that I am more susceptical to catching something since it weakened my immune system. Let's get together and do some picking and grinning.

    Penny, My wife is already researching to find the right diet.

    The Odd Essay, we don't care to take drugs but sometimes it is the only way. At this time the doc said he knew of nothing we could do or take.

    MsB, Yep, like the doc says, at my age, I will probably die with the disease not from it.

  14. At our age DD, just waking up tomorrow is a great enough gift. Use the time to run wild on the streets.

  15. Barney, my wife keeps me in check. She keeps riegning me in. I wanted to be hitting the road by now but she said it would take here another week to get ready. What the heck does she have to do?

  16. Dizzy-Dick dude,

    Your upbeat approach to your diagnosis is commendable. I reckon you will still be around when your beard is down to the ground and around the block.

    Everything yellow, eh. I think I'll stop complaining about our spring here, or lack of.

    All the best to you,


  17. Klahanie, I know what you went through and I thank you for your kind comment. I try to keep a sense of humor no matter what happens. Keeps me going and keeps me smiling. I will try to get a picture of the "yellow" layer on things for tomorrow's blog.