Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wondering about the pretty and the ugly.

On my way to the hematologist's yesterday, I was stopped at a red light just before I entered I-45.  First of all, I want to apologize for the sun reflecting off my side window.  I should have put it down put the light changed and I had to snap a quick picture hoping I would get some of what I wanted.  What I was trying to show you was the pretty wild flowers with the garbage next to them.  You know the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Oh yea, that was a Clint Eastwood movie.  The paper cup and the piece of paper really do not add to the beauty, so what else is left?  Yep, the bad and the ugly.

I got to the medical facility in the Woodlands (or was it Shenandoah? They both seem to run together) a wee bit early and filled out the reams of paperwork.  My appointment was for 14:30, we arrived at 14:00 and got to go into the examination room after 15:00 and had to wait there for quite a spell.  Finally, the doc came in and he asked some questions and gave me a quick once over and sent me down the hall where they about drained my body of blood.  It took awhile for me to fill up the ten (yes, I said 10) tubes of blood.  The vampire in the closet must have been very, very hungry.  To put the icing on the cake, when we checked out they wouldn't take my American Express card, I paid cash for the part I owed and then they couldn't make change when I offered them a hundred dollar bill.  OK, I dug around and came up with enough twenties to cover the bill and would only require a couple of bucks and some change back in return.  They took it and came back and said thy still couldn't make change.  So, my wife dug around and between her and my change purse, we were able to pay the bill.  This has happened to us before in the past.  Why do doctors not expect cash payments?  And even worse, why are they not prepared for such payments?  I don't mind getting stuck with needles but I do hate inefficiency, especially at a professional office.  Maybe from now on I should show up an hour late and without any money.

I was sure glad to get back home to my pups and they were sure glad to see my wife and I.  They are the best doctors in the whole world, they always make me feel great.  Actually, I really feel great and told the doc that.  I don't think that is what they like to hear.  Now, you all have a great day today and stay well and away from doctors, you hear? 


  1. Yes I can certainly believe such inefficiency in doctors office's because I have lived it.

    I do not pay cash for anything, I use checks so I can have a receipt. Not having medical insurance I have to pay for their services in cash (check)right then and there.

    Even with that they sent me a statement saying I owed them money. How? I pay what they tell me to pay. If they quoted me the wrong price for the blood work it is not my fault. Took the idiots three tries to get it right. Would have hated to have paid in cash and not been able to prove it.

    Hope your test go well and you come out with flying colors.

  2. MsB, you get a receipt for cash too.
    DD, I think I would have just left owing them, let them bill me,,,lol.

    1. Yes, they do give me a receipt for cash but I still feel better having a check to back me up.

      It also helps me when I do my taxes to just go to my checkbook and see what I paid in medical expenses for the year.

  3. Keeping track of things is why I use my American Express card for almost everything. I trust AMX a lot and they have been great to help me any way they can. I do have a Visa and Master Charge debet card for those rare occasions when traveling when I don't want to pay cash and they will not accept my AMX card.

  4. Sounds like a lot of blood to me. I had my regular 6 week blood test done at VA yesterday, but the most they have ever drawn at one time is 2 vials.

    You might be right about the Vampire in the closet!

  5. So... what happens if you offer the $$$ and they can't make change? I'd be tempted just to say... well, thanks anyway... send me a bill... and leave. We pay everything we possibly can by credit card... it's a great way to keep track (I use Quicken) and we get cashback. (I'm cheap.... no.... frugal) I don't even carry cash on me.

  6. I agree with those who have suggested just leaving and let them send a bill. What could they do if you have already received the services - hold you hostage?

    I recently was waiting to pay a bill someplace when the man in front of me said that in just a few years we won't be using cash or credit cards. I asked, then how will we pay for anything, and we waved his iPhone at me. I thought to myself that no one can force all the people to buy a smart phone if they don't want or need it. There will always be cash in my opinion, even if some businesses choose not to deal in it.

  7. HJ, I thought that it was an excess, for sure, but I was on the giving end, not the receiving end. . .

    The Odd Essay, I prefere to pay everything on my card. I guess I should have taken my check book. When someone will not accept AMX I just think of them as cheap.

    Gypsy, I could have done that but didn't want to. Sometimes when they send a bill the cost majically goes up. This was the first time I have been to this place and neither my wife nor I were impressed.

  8. I pay a lot of stuff with cash. Twice my local credit union was unable to give me $100 bills. How weird is that? I only needed $1500 in cash, yet it was a big production to get it.

    Hope you studied for all those blood tests! Good luck!

  9. For all that blood, you could have gone down the street to a place that would pay you.

  10. Sicbears, maybe the banks have money shortages just like we do sometimes. And yes, I studied real hard for the tests.

    Jimkabob, I probably would have been better off. Don't they tell you right away if there is anything wrong?