Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wondering about ???

Hey, I wonder about everything, but this morning I don't have any particular subject to wonder about.  I seem to have woken up earlier this morning with an empty head.  Of course there are a lot of people who know me say that my head is empty most of the time.  Well yes!!!  I pour it all out in my blogs everyday.  What do they expect?  For that matter, what do you expect from a blog that you read?  Which types do you prefer?

I like all types.  Of course I like humorous ones, and the ones that tell about the writers everyday life and travels.  I think most everyone loves to laugh and so, I suppose, the humorous ones are at the top of the list.  But a person's everyday experiences and travels can be humorous at times.  So I suppose a perfect blog would be one that tells of a person's life and experiences in a humorous way.  I also like blogs that tell me things I didn't know.  Now that isn't too hard for bloggers to do since I really don't know much, I just think I do.  I always like to hear strange facts about almost any subject, especially the ones I know little about.  I guess that I could say I enjoy reading all blogs, but only have time for a few.

Some of the blogs I follow are listed on my blog post.  I wonder why all the blogs I follow are not listed there?  I need to take a course on Google Blogger so I can understand it better and know how to do more things and do them better.  But for now, I think I will just wonder about all those things I don't know anything about, or maybe just wander on down to the flea market this morning.  I guess it is because of all the heat this summer, but Saturday's are really dead at the flea market.  There are 5 to 10 times the vendors there on Sunday than on Saturday.  I think that they should hold them in the middle of the week just for us retired old folks, what you think?  OK, I guess you could tell that I didn't have anything important to say today.  So let's hear from you on what you like to see in a blog.  Of course I will probably not change anything since I am an old curmudgeon; oh, I guess you already knew that.  Now, you all try to have a great day and I will too.


  1. The flea markets are busiest on Sunday because that's church for many people. :)

    Like you, I enjoy blogs that concentrate on many different topics.

    I find the best info about certain subjects are from the people actually doing it and living their lives.

  2. Now DD,,you did change,,something,,you quit using that Word for your blog and look how that has worked! Great!
    Never understood how it made any sense to write in that, then have to cut and paste, when blogger keeps drafts, and you can go back any time and add to them. O well, You fixed it. TYTYTY.
    You think there would be enough ol folks to go to the flea market during the week?

    1. I use Word because I have not figured out a way to keep a copy of my blogs without it.

  3. I like all types of blogs except those that deal with politics, religion or race as their everyday theme.

    Good luck at the flea market. BTW how is the mosquito population out your way?

  4. Sixbears, my Dad always told me that "he who learns from his own mistakes is wise, but he who learns from other's mistakes is double wise". Blogs help me not make mistakes. I make too many of them on my own and finding someone who has been there done that is a big help. But mostly I like to read blogs just to keep up with the people who write them. I consider them blogging friends.

    Trouble, started writing my blog in blogger a few days ago. In answer to your last question, just us old retired people would go I suppose.

    MsB, I agree with you on the "forbidden" subjects. I do try to avoid them. There are mosquitoes here, but no more than normal. Last summer there were very few, no water.

  5. Blogging has as many directions as far as content as there are bloggers!

    I certainly understand about not having enough time to read them all! Sometimes I wonder just where all my time goes!

  6. I'll let you know what thoughts show up after the weather cools off this fall. Right now it's so hot and dry my thoughts evaporate before I have a chance to think them. Glad you still retain the ability to put pen to paper and get out the blog every day. I never read any blogs until you got me started. Surprising how much one can learn bouncing around the bloggersphere. The local supermarket has Senior Citizen discount day on Tuesday, maybe the flea market could do the same.

  7. HJ, I have a selected few (maybe more than a few) that I look at every day. Yours is one of the first. It seems that everybody has something important to say and most should be heard, especially you.

    Jimkabob, actually it has been a fairly cool July. Maybe you ought to move down here to Texas. Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that the humidity in my area is usually 90 some percent. The dew point is usually pretty close to the actual temperature. Maybe you should be satisfied with what you got. . . or maybe not. Hang in there, winter is coming and aren't you getting close to retirement?