Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, July 16, 2012

Wondering about my digital pictures.

I spent all morning downloading all the pictures from my camera chips to my laptop.  There is still more pictures on my desk top than I have found on these chips.  This sounds like a mystery to me.  Maybe some of the missing pictures were taken with one of my other cameras, either the old one that stored pictures on floppy disks or the newer one that uses a different size chip.  I just have to get all my ducks (chips) in a row and figure this out.  I want all my pictures saved somewhere, preferably in one spot so I can easily access and in another spot where they will be saved as back-ups.  You wouldn’t believe how many small floppy disks I have laying around with pictures on them from my first old digital camera.  I bet that old camera still works, but it is much too big to fit in my shirt pocket and it doesn’t take near the quality pictures as do the newer ones.  Digital cameras along with a lot of electronics become obsolete in a very short time.  My Dad and Mom had a box camera (any of you remember them) that they used for years and years until finally my dad got an Argus (believe it was C4) and that was a great camera.  I had a lot of slides from it and back in 1959 when I went with my Uncle and Aunt on our “western” trip.  I was allowed to take that camera along so that I could record some of my trip on slides, which I did and I really liked that camera.  I prefer the digital age to the film, but film had a quality that digital has a hard time achieving.  No, I would never go back to film.  I also had one of those cameras that would print out pictures a few seconds after you took the shot.  No it wasn’t a Polaroid, it was the one that Polaroid sued and won and after that I couldn’t buy film for it.

I bought a new lawn mower, a push type rotary.  It is very similar to the old one.  It is still in the back of the Jeep, so since it is not raining this morning, I am going to go get it out, unpack it, assemble whatever needs assembled, and see if I can get it running.  I gave up on the old one, could only keep it running for a few minutes.  I had to cut the dog’s yard with an old electric Weed Eater.  Sorry for just rambling on this morning but I do hope you all have a great day and a great week, you hear?


  1. O yeah, i remember all of those cameras. I know you can get prints made, but who does? I miss having pics in my hands and going thru them.
    How much rain down there?

  2. So now you have a riding mower and a push? Boy, you may have to go into the yard business soon!

    Hard to keep up with all the new cameras and other electronics any more. Soon as you buy one, it's out of date.

    Plenty hot at your place now like it is here? Bring one of those new mowers over to my place and we can mow down the jungle in the back yard!

  3. Trouble, Yes I miss hand held prints. Rain? Didn't measure it, but we sure did get some.

    HJ, Actually, I just went out and put it all together; put oil and gas in it and went over to the dogs yard. It started on the first pull and took off!!! Dang, it is front wheel drive and I didn't know or want that. Can't take it back now, so I just cut the dog's yard and that was enough for the heat to get to me. I just wanted a push mower to do where the JD will not fit. OH well. . .

  4. I had a couple of those Argus cameras and loved them. Used to develop my own black and white film. Yeah, I went though an arty phase.

    My wife's computer died and she hadn't backed up all the photos on them. Fortunately, the hard drive was still good so putting it into another computer allowed me to retrieve them. Put a second copy on my computer and on another drive for safe keeping.

  5. Sixbears, both old paper prints and new digital prints can be destroyed or lost. My Mom used to get multiple prints when she had film developed and I make multiple copies of my digital prints.