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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wondering about a “Redneck Horn”.

Last Saturday morning when I was going through the flea market, at the first table we stopped at I found something that I just could not live without.  It is a “Redneck Horn”.  Here are a couple of pictures of it, one of the front and one of the back:

Actually, in this case a picture is not worth a thousand words.  Every time you push the button you hear a guy loudly yelling not so nice things about the driver in front of him.  Let me tell you, this thing has really entertained me (and the wife whether she would admit it or not).  Just for the heck of it without my wife expecting it, I push the horn’s button.  It brightens up our world.  Now, I wish that there were a way to connect it to a really loud speaker outside the vehicle where it could be used to inform the driver ahead of me what he is doing wrong.  Maybe it is a good thing I haven’t figured a way of doing that.  I would really get myself in trouble.  Guess I will just have to put it in my pocket and take a walk around town and push the button when I get behind someone.  What do you think?  I guess my nose is already too big and ugly and it doesn’t need to be made worse by someone’s fist, right?  I sure wish you could hear it; you would be laughing along with me.  I did buy a digital recorder the other day, but have not tried to figure out how to use it.  It says that it records both MP3 and WAV.  Having lived about seven decades, I understand tape recorders but this is my first digital one.  The instruction book seems to be written in a strange language.  Maybe I need to find a teenager to translate it for me.  I figure they must be abbreviations for something.  Let me take a wild guess.  The MP3 must be Music Player number three, right?  And the WAV must be What Awful Vibrations; am I right again?  I will tell you what.  After I get it figured out (the recorder), I will try to post an example.  Then again I may not (grin).  Now, you all have a great day and I got to go take the garbage down to the road.


  1. I can imagine that some of the sayings are not exactly friendly!

    Probably a good thing that you don't use it in public...just for safety reasons!

    Hope you can post an example soon!

  2. I'd better not get one. My ambulance/motorhome conversion still has its PA system. Can't keep my wife off it. She's been known to play music though the PA speakers too.

  3. HJ, it sure does have some funny sayings on it, but the way the guy yells in a high voice makes it even more funny. Of course there is still some slightly off color remarks. It does make people laugh.

    Trouble, I will use it any where I want to. It is funny.

    Sixbears, now that would be perfect. I need a PA system. Everyone should have a sense of humor.

  4. Get a CB radio they have built in pa systems all you have to do is mount a speaker under your hood. You could even make some truckers mad with that thing. Like breaker 1 9 Kiss My A-- you know what I mean.

  5. Jim, I think every one in an old folks home should be issued one, for walkers and wheel chairs.