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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wondering about Billy Bob's flashlight.

I read Billy Bob's blog yesterday where he told about finding a flashlight at a flea market that didn't work.  Here it is in his own words:
 Sit'n there on this table is a cool look'n flashlight what says "Police" on the side it. Now this is got to be a good 'un. Rechargable batter, 2 chargers, and adjustable high intensity beam of blind'n light. I wheeled and dealed an' got that sucker for $15....yee ha. I could be on DirecTV on one them barter programs. Well anyhows....the damn thing don't work. "Sucker".

I was standing at a vendor's table where a fellow was returning a little flashlight.  The vendor gave him back his money and the fellow stomped away.  I asked the vendor what was wrong with the flashlight and he said that the guy probably forgot to open it up and take the paper out that kept the batteries from running down.  He then opened it up, removed the paper, and low and behold it worked.  I said that I would buy it and he said I could have it for half price or something like that, so I took it.  It has worked very, very well for me.  It is surprisingly bright.  If you don't need one that casts a long, narrow beam of light, then this one is more than perfect.  It lights up most of the dog's yard at night.  I would have never even thought of buying it if that other guy had not been making such a fuss about how bad it was.  Here, let me show you what it is like.  

The quarter is there to give you a feel for the size of the flash light.  It is quite compact.  This next picture shows the 14 LED bulbs that produce the bright light:

And of course the rear end:

When you open it up you will see that it operates on three triple A batteries that go into a neat three battery holder.  This cartridge then can be put easily into the flash light.  For only a couple of bucks, I think I made a good purchase.

Sorry Billy Bob, I know it is easy to get stuck with some junk from a flea market.  I have had it happen to me and so has my wife.  So join the crowd, but at least it gave you (and now me) a subject to blog about (grin).  You all have an enlightened and a great day now, you hear?


  1. Looks like a nifty little light you have there -and for half price too. There are times I wish I didn't live so far away from any sort of flea market.

  2. Setting here at my computer I can see four of those led flashlights. I got mine at tractor supply in their sale bin. Never go out at night without a flashlight.

  3. Well shoot Dizzy, I done got that thing to work'n a little bit. The rechargeable battery took bout 20 some hours on the charger before it would give any light. Maybe I'll put a pic of it on my blog. It has a adjustable beam....what I like.

  4. Hey Dizzy - Me and Hubby have those little puppies all over the house, and in each vehicle - really great lights, and a steal in a 6 pack at Sam's on a clearance rack. Don't ever plan to be without 'em....

  5. Sixbears, If I remember correctly I paid one dollar for it. I think it was a great deal. I don't buy much except what I need and can use if it is at a good low price and good quality. That is why I don't often get things at the flea market but like to look.

    Bob from Athens, I will have to go to our local tractor supply and see if they have them.

    Billy Bob, I hope it works for you. Maybe you have to charge it a long time the first time so that it will take a good charge. I have a couple of solar charging flashlights that I like real well.

    Trouble, I seem to be chasing my tail a lot.

    Baby Sis, we were going to stop at Sam's the other day but didn't. Guess maybe I will look there soon.

  6. I have a cheaper version that I got for free at Harbor Freight and I take them when I go to Terlingua. They sure come in handy when walking to the port-a-potties at night.

    Since I tend to loose things (especially after we pass a couple of bottles around the campfire) I take like 6 or 7 of my free flash lights and share them with my camp mates.

  7. MsB, any light in darkness is appreciated when needed. I love the dark skies down there. Next time I come down there for a visit, I need to bring a telescope along.