Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Almost got to go wandering.

I was planning to go for short trip, maybe out to central Texas just to get out of the house and also try to burn out some of that old diesel that I bought back last Thanksgiving.  I still have a half a tank, so must have only put less than 400 miles on it.  It holds a hundred gallons but I don't know what kind of fuel mileage I am getting.  Actually, it was probably a lot less since I have only taken it on a couple of short trips and all the other miles were back and forth to get tires or repairs or service or something; all local trips with a lot of idling.  The longest trip I took was up 59 a ways to meet up with Sixbears and his wife and his dog when he was in Texas visiting his in-laws.  I will have to postpone any trip right now because I got an email with another job to do.

We found out that an old friend who lives in Pennsylvania was back in the area visiting her family that lives only a few miles from me.  She lives near my Aunt (the one we send cards to) and we met her at the flea market last year when she was down here baby sitting her grand-kids.  Last July, when we were up in Pennsylvania, we stopped and at their produce farm and had a great visit.  I showed a picture of them and told about visiting with her and her husband on this old blog: http://dizzydick.blogspot.com/2011/08/reviewing-my-wandering-part-1.html

Remember I told you that I only had a couple of paying jobs this year and liked it like that?  It is nice to get a few now and then to keep me in practice and to get a little pocket change.  This is a fabrication design job that I did earlier this year and my customer's customer decided to change everything.  It sounds simple enough but involves almost a complete redraw except for a lot of the details. I will first have to redo the solid model so that I can project new fabrication drawing and they can get this job done.  OK, maybe next week I can take a drive somewhere.  You all have a great day and try to stay cool, you hear?


  1. Don't wait too long to use up that tank of diesel!

  2. O DD, what am i gonna do with you? Can't you park somewhere else and do that job? Like,,get outa there!!! Hill Country is still green and beautiful..so BRING IT ON!!!

  3. One can always find work to do, but finding time to enjoy the great out of doors may be harder to find.

    Time to hit the road for a few days, buddy!

  4. Gypsy, I was worried about it too but was told it would be OK as long as the water is drained off the bottom so it don't get sucked up in he engine.

    Trouble, oh I may sneak out one of these days and who knows when or where I'll show up.

    HJ, this has been a good customer for me for close to 20 years. Don't want to let him down.

  5. A job is a job and a paying one is even better ;D

    BTW thank you for your answer on the mosquito population back home.

  6. Hermit's Baby SisAugust 1, 2012 at 7:35 AM

    Dizzy - Have to agree with MsB on this one. A little extra pocket money will buy some more petrol fumes for a longer trip down another road when the time comes. Maybe I can even get to meet that purty face if you hook up with my Bubba HJ - something to look forward to.

    But do make plans for that trip soon, or just do it - no plans needed!

  7. MsB, I agree on the "paying" part but sometimes it takes a long, long time to get a check. Usually about 5 weeks after I turn in the invoice.

    Hermit's Baby Sis, Sure would like to meet both of you.