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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wondering about my RV’s refrigerator.

After reading Barney’s blog (Old Fat Man Adventuresabout the slide to control the temperature of refrigerator units in RVs, I decided to go out this morning and look at my refrigerator.  I first looked into the two freezer compartments and didn't see any fins:

Then I opened up the lower portion and low and behold, there were fins there they were along with the “thermistor” that the linked blog (Wandrinwas talking about.  I have an arrow pointing to it:

I took a picture of the front of it closed with the doors shut:

And an enlarged view showing the name of the unit:

Mine has the same adjustment, so now thanks to the two blogs mentioned above; I will know how to adjust the temperature in my unit if needed.  Thanks guys, any and all information is useful to some of us now and to most of us sooner or later.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear.


  1. Always good to know how your stuff works.

  2. Seems like we both learned some important information about the temperature control. Have fun.

  3. Great font today!!! Just thot i'd tell ya,,

  4. Sixbears, it sure is and there is a lot I still don't know and probably never will.

    Barney, that was good information to have. I would have never known about that sliding clip.

    Trouble, glad you could read it; keep me on the right path.

  5. I would have never known that about the vents if you hadn't shared it with us!

    See? Learn something new every day! Thanks!

  6. Don't thank me, it was Barney and the link he had on his site to Wandren. Just passing it along and affirming that it is the same in a four door refrigerator. Yep, we are never too old to learn. I just hope I can learn more than I forget.

  7. You have a beautiful refrigerator!

    Having a motorhome is like a house. In my case I will probably never own one so will have to just worry about adding ice to my cooler :D

  8. MsB, ice in a cooler works just fine and costs a lot less in maintenance and original cost.

  9. The one in this trailer died a couple of years ago and the one I have under shade outside doesn't work worth a flip when its in the upper 90s or above. Best it will do is keep 55 degrees in the fridge and it sucks propane so bad I can't afford to use it anyway. The little dorm type electric that I got for $10 works like a champ no matter how hot it is, but there sure isn't much room in it. At least it runs off of solar via an inverter so it doesn't cost me a cent to run it full time.

  10. Hi Dizzy, I just want to add some ideas about the RV refrigerator. Thermistor failure is a common issue in RV refrigerators and generally causes the temperature to drop too low. To check whether your thermistor is still in good condition or not, you will need an Ohmmeter that can measure resistance, voltage, and current as well.

    Brooke Harris

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