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Friday, July 6, 2012

Wondering about an old song.

As I told you all before, my wife and I create cards and poems to send to my last surviving Aunt who is in a nursing home in Pennsylvania.  A card gets sent every week day.  Usually my wife makes the cards since she is the best artist and I write the poems.  Yesterday she asked me to come up with a humorous card.  I had no idea what to make, then riding home from the post office yesterday, a thought hit me.  For some reason the song “Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road” started running through my head.  Maybe it is because there are usually several of them stinking up the road.  That was a very popular song back in the 1970’s.  That is what I read when I looked it up to see when it was popular.  I thought it was earlier than that, but I have been known to be wrong on several occasions and this was one of them.  So, I made a card on that subject for my Aunt and I thought since it is such beautiful and pleasant subject, I should share it with my readers.  I will show you the four sides to the card.  The first is the front:

This next one is the right side of the card when after you open it up:

This next one is the left side of the card when it is open:

And of course I had to put something on the back:

I must admit that I didn’t take the pictures or paint them; I just took them off the internet.  I only make one card of each kind and only mail it to my Aunt.  I am not sure if it is funny or not or just plain stinky.  Now you all have a great day now and stay away from the skunks, you hear?


  1. To this day, when i see one in the middle of the road, i hear that song! Was told by a Parks and Wildlife guy the mating season made them careless and that's when you see so many.

  2. Me too, Trouble. That is one of those songs that you can't get out of your head, especially when you see a dead skunk in the middle of the road. . .

  3. You're going to think this a bit crazy, but I just read about your old dog and her fear of loud noises. Well, it turns out there's such a thing as a "Thunder Shirt", (not lying) that you can put on a dog and it will help calm them right down. Something about them feeling 'safe' or whatever.
    I had never heard of such a thing until my daughter and son-in-law shoved an old T-shirt on their dog during a thunder storm. Of course, "pet stores" sell some sort of expensive version, but they just use and old "He-Man" T-shirt for their dog. I think there's some irony in that.
    You might think about trying it. Unless of course your dog has a fit, and won't let you put anything on her. But most old dogs are pretty patient.

  4. Bob, thanks for the suggestion. We tried that one time and it didn't seem to help. I think we will try it again when a less severe storm comes along and see if it will work. Thanks for commenting and good luck in your travels even if it is by air (grin). BTW, I have been to Ontario but never Europe and have no plans to do so.

  5. I remember that song. Our family has a skunk story from about that time, the 70's. My cousins had a hunting camp in Tionesta and it was mainly for drinking all weekend long..very little hunting. One summer weekend there must have been 30 people ( and kids) at the camp. My uncle disappeared, we found him in the outhouse sing You Picked a Fine Time to Leave Me Lucile...a skunk was outside the the outhouse door. from then on anyone heading to the outhouse was warned to look out for Lucile the skunk. The outhouse was painted the ugliest color of blue...my neighbor painted his house the same color a few years ago, it's ugly on the house too!

  6. Oh that's great! Your aunt is lucky to get those cards. Nice.

    I remember the song well.

    I had a dog once that just could not leave a skunk alone. It was a husky mix with really thick fur that was nearly impossible to clean. Not a clever dog. It kept thinking that "this time" is would get the better of a skunk.

  7. Jill, funny story and your neighbor's home's paint job. You gave me a chuckle. BTW, are family has a camp near Fryburg up in the area your cousins had one. It is now owned by one of the sons of my Aunt who we send the cards to.

    Sixbears, it is hard to get the better of a skunk, they even win after they die.