Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wondering about the Wampus Cat.

I started camping at a very early age, long before I was old enough to start school.  Now don’t get all excited, I was with my parents and other relatives.  I have pictures to prove it, but don’t have the time this morning to dig them out, scan them, and post them; maybe some other day.  Anyway, our family (Grandparents, Parents, and Uncles and Aunts on my Mother’s side) built a camp at the end of a road that followed a creek named Bull Run, (I think that was its name) near Fryburg and Tionesta, Pennsylvania.  The road went through the woods and two gates.  Since it was at the end of the road (not much more than a path) they named the camp, “Trail’s End”.  I loved that place and was always so happy when my parents took me there.  It was such fun but it was also scary.  Why, you ask?  Because of the Wampus Cat and the bears, but especially because of the Wampus Cat.  From as long as I can remember, the older folks told us kids terrible stories about the Wampus Cat.  I must admit, that after I got older, I too, told those stories to the younger cousins.  But my Grandpa and my Uncles could do a much better and believable job of telling the stories and scaring the younger camping generation.  But believe me, without those Wampus Cat stories and others like them, camping for us kids would not have been such a wonderful and exciting experience.  (Google Wampus Cat for more information)  I guess humans like to be scared, that is why there are “haunted houses”, scary rides, and such at amusement parks and carnivals.  I believe that wild, scary tales of the deep woods are a huge part of camping, especially if you are young enough to believe all of it.  Now, don’t let the Wampus Cat get you and have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Am i the only one having a hard time reading this? there's no space between lines.
    I am gonna have to look up that Wampus Cat,,lol.

  2. I saw a program a few days ago - think it was on NatGeo but could have been another channel - about the chupacabra seen in Texas. They look like the same animal. So it could be that there really is a wampus cat and really is a chupacabra. The did DNA on the latter and found it's ancestors on one side were canine, but I forget what it is supposed to be crossed with. See, there is always something behind those old stories! Now, aren't you scared? Be careful or the chupacabra will get you!

  3. D D I'm sure you went Snipe hunting in those woods also.

  4. I guess every generation has it's version of the "Wampus cat" or something like it.

    That's part of what makes camping such an adventure, especially for the youngsters!

  5. Trouble, just enlarge the screen, that is what I do when I have trouble reading something that is too small for me to see. Be careful looking it up, it may look you up (grin).

    Gypsy, I have seen and heard some strange things in the woods but I am still looking for Big Foot. . . and yes, there is usually some basis for those old tales.

    Ted, I still go snipe hunting, you see I am gullible.

    Hermit, yes, those stories sure do perk up the experience, especially at night around a camp fire. Oh to be young again.

  6. What about the hoop snakes? Did they tell you that tall tale? Every family ought to get all the relations to write down the tales they were told as younguns and put them in a book.

  7. I'd give anything to actually see Bigfoot! I've never heard that he's been sighted at Lassen NP, but maybe if I get out into the forest next week I can spot him, if the pot farmer guards don't spot me first! I'm not afraid of Bigfoot and I've never heard of one hurting a human nor do they carry automatic weapons.

  8. How about the Polaris fish? It swims backwards to keep the water out of its eyes.

  9. Jimkabob, those dang things are suppose to put their tail in their mouth and roll down the hill like a hoop after you and you can't outrun that!!!

    Gypsy, don't forget your camera what ever you do and make sure you don't get too excited when you see one to snap its picture or take a video.

    Sixbears, is that why I have trouble catching fish, I put the bait or lure at the wrong end of the fish. Dang, just learned something I can use next time I go fishing.