Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wondering about unusual things.

Today I am going to tell you about three non-related things that I thought were quite interesting.  This first one is about an interesting alarm clock used back in medieval times.  I guess even back then, people had to get up in the morning at a set time.  So, how did they do it?  Well, some medieval monks figured it out.  They lit a candle and placed it between their toes.  Not sure if I like that alarm clock but I bet it sure worked.  Of course, if you were a sound sleeper you wouldn't have any toes left (grin).

Now, let us jump forward to 1939.  I suppose you all have heard of Howard Hughes, right?  He set a round the world speed record back then.  He was noted for bright ideas and for being a little eccentric and this feat of his was no different.  Why?  Well he stuffed his plane full of ping pong balls.  His reason?  He thought it would cushion him in case of a crash and if he went down in the ocean, they would keep him afloat.  Ah, he never got to test it.

Now for a more recent story.  This took place in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, not too far south from where I grew up and lived half my life.  The star of this story is a pot bellied pig!!  It seemed that he saved his owners life.  The pigs owner had a massive heart attack and fell to the floor.  The pig somehow squeezed itself through a doggy door and and went out and laid down in the street.  After a few minutes a young man stopped and the pig led him to the house.  911 was called and the pigs owner made it to the hospital and got treated in time.  Now, I hope you enjoyed my three short stories and you all have your selves a great day today, you hear?


  1. And everyone thought the monks feet were black cause they walked barefoot. Didn't they have roosters?

  2. well the candle, I toss and turn, there would be a fire!
    Captain Kangaroo was always getting ping pong balls dropped on him. I guess people or mooses or maybe a rabbit- need to find uses for the balls when they don't have a table to play on.
    The pig, saved his owner's bacon! okay--that one was to easy. Go PA pigs!

  3. We need a campfire and some s'mores, cause you're on a roll today.

  4. Jimkabob, Maybe the monks dirty feet didn't singe as quick as clean ones (grin)?

    Jill E., maybe they were used for short naps. Would that work for you? This is the first time I ever heard of ping ball balls use for crash safety reasons. That sure was a PA Pig. Makes me kinda proud that I was born there. . .

    Jill, I got spooky stories for around the campfire at night.

    Gypsy, that sure was an intelligent pig. Most people underestimate the intelligence of animals.

  5. Well, heck.. I started to recite a poem from college days about a pig, being sober (or not) etc... forgot the whole darned thing.... decided I'd better just say howdy and goodnight and forget the whole darned thing. So much for being witty or even slightly coherent. So.. howdy and goodnight. Glad to see your blog tonight.

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  7. I almost did not believe the pig story thought perhaps it was a late April Fools joke :)

  8. Pigs are really smart. Did not know they could be loyal.

  9. The Odd Essay, Howdy and goodnight (since it is now morning - "good morning").

    Annon, is this an ad?

    MsB, No, it is supposed to be true. I didn't use the lady's name for privacy reasons.

    Sixbears, I suppose any animal can be loyal. I have seen cows get attached to a person. Dogs are not the only loyal animal.