Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wondering about some scratches, etc.

On the back steps to my screened in porch, I saw some claw marks both on the hand rail and on the top step.  What the heck make these scratches.  Couldn't have been a cat, the scratch marks are too far apart.  If they were made by a cat, I don't want to meet it, for sure!!  Here are the pictures.  This first one is on the hand rail:

 This next one is on the top step?

 Another one on the top step:

 I laid a pen down beside the scratches on the handrail to give you a reference.  The scratches on the step in the above picture are closer together than here on the railing:

I guess it was my Swamp Monster!!  When we first moved here, we heard weird sounds coming from the swamp at dusk and through the night.  Never did figure out what it was and after a couple of years, we never heard it again.  I guess it's back (grin).

I am also wondering how to drain my fresh water tank on my RV.  I would like to empty it out and refill it with fresh water.  I have searched everywhere and can not find a valve to drain it.  I will go look one more time, but do not expect to see anything different.  I have places that opens up the low point drains for winter storage in cold climates to prevent freezing and damage to the lines, so I guess that is the only way.  I didn't want to drain the whole system, including the hot water tank, but maybe that is my only choice.  I have a Newmar Duthstar, and I can't seem to find any information on line about my problem.  My old class-C had a valve right at the tank that would drain it.

I am going to go out and try one more time, then head off to the flea market.  Now you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Yep, definitely a swamp monster. Keep yer crossbow handy.

  2. Don't walk the dogs after dark without a weapon.

  3. Sixbears, it may not be a crossbow, but I keep all sorts of weapons handy. Like any tool, a weapon is only good if you can reach it.

    Sharon, they got there own fenced in yard. They do make me mow it a few times a year, but other than that, it is their yard. They have been backing at something unseen by me out in the woods by this edge of the swamp the last few nights. I wonder. . . .

  4. Spooky stuff, my friend! Any tracks around the flower beds?

  5. Love that story,,,swamp thangs,,,verrryyy interesting.

  6. Ah, the best way to find out who or what are leaving those marks is to put up a CCTV camera. Position it around the house or area then replay the footage the next day until you see something. You never know what might pop up on screen and you might be surprised!

    Be careful and take care.

  7. If'n it was my back porch, it would probably be a bobcat, or worse, a so-called mountain lion or "catamount", i.e. a puma. I like you calling it a swamp monster. Any big cat willing to approach an occupied dwelling in the night with dogs out is a problem. Carrying a loaded fire stick is clearly called for when walking the mutts of an evening.

  8. This posting was certainly up to scratch. If it be the swamp monster, yes indeed, set up a CCTV camera and watch with amazement.

    Hope you got the "fleas" you wanted from the market.

    Y'all keep smiling. You hear?

  9. I don't know what a CCTV camera is, but I'm assuming it's something like the motion detector cameras I use. It's always exciting to take the memory card out in the morning and see what's been around. Looks like you have something particularly interesting....

  10. Hi DD, I wonder if it is an armadillo?
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny

  11. HJ, Don't have flower beds. I have a lot of critters on this place.

    Trouble, I'm not kidding, I has to be a swamp monster. I got me a swamp in the middle of my property and you just never know. . .

    Rum-Punch Drunk, that would take the fun out of it. I'm not sure I want to know what it is (grin).

    Will, I saw a Bob Cat on my place, but that was the biggest wild cat I have seen, so far.

    Klahanie, Loved the pun (up to scratch). And yes we got the fleas, we are still scratching.

    The Odd Essay, I have cameras set up for almost everywhere but my back door. Guess it is time to add another one.

    Penny, I never knew that armadillos could climb up on a hand railing. I suppose they could. I would rather think it was a coon or my wily swamp monster.

  12. If you have one of those game cameras you could probably solve the mystery.

    Wish I could help you with the drain problem but I don't have a clue. Have you thought of calling the agency or salesman that sold it to you?