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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wondering about coffee.

I love my coffee.  I try to cut back to no more than two large 16 oz. or so size cups of coffee a day.  But, I drink mine a little on the strong side.  I buy Milstone Colombian and make it extra, extra strong.  Since my wife and I do not care that much for each others style of coffee, we quit making coffee in a coffee maker or coffee pot.  We have these funnel style plastic things that sits on top of a coffee cup.  Just line it with a filter, add the coffee grounds, and slowly pour boiling water over the grounds.  Works for us and we can customize each cup just the way we want it.

I like most coffee, as long as it is made strong enough.  Of course, some is so much better than others.  You may not like what I like (for the life of me, I can't understand why), but that is what makes the world go around.  If everyone liked the same thing, there would be a scarcity of that one and an over abundance of all the rest.  So, please don't everyone run out and buy Milstone Colombian today, I only have two one pound packages of it left in my pantry.

I don't go as far as Sixbears does.  He even roasts his own beans.  He told me all about it back when we met him a year ago last march when he came to Texas to visit relatives.  Remember the picture I posted of the roses with my RV in background?

 I was so excited meeting him and his lovely wife and their happy dog that I forgot to take any pictures of them.  Wish I would have taken one of us all together.  Ok, time to go get my coffee but before I go I want to ask if you know what they do with all that caffeine that they remove from decaffeinated coffee?  Well, they sell it to the soft drink manufactures who add it to their products.  I usually have it by now, but got side tracked writing about it (grin).  Now you all have great day today, you hear?


  1. I love to grind my own beans. My SIL gave me a grinder for my birthday one year, love it.
    You should pop over to my site and see my fancy little coffee maker.

  2. Tammy, we also have a grinder, but usually I am too lazy or don't want to take the time to use it. It only does enough for a couple of cups at a time.

  3. Way too much trouble for me. I make mine in a pot with a timer, it's ready when I get up. It makes into a thermos type pot.

  4. I like it strong too! with a little sugar and heavy whipping cream.

  5. I grind my own beans - two different ones that I mix. One is an organic Rainforest Blend, and the other is Hazlenut. I like a medium strength coffee and can't drink the really strong stuff. Half & half only for me, no sugar. I'm in a state of bliss right now with my first cup of the day.

    The last time I saw my doctor she said I should eliminate caffeine and alcohol. Hah! Fat chance of that. One gets me going in the morning and the other relaxes me in the evening, and I'm not giving either one of them up.

  6. Hi Dizzy! Thanks for the kind words. My lovely wife, the dog, and myself had a great visit with you guys. I'm still drinking home roasted organic fair trade coffee. This morning it's a strong cup of Peruvian. All the best!

  7. I just can't decide what coffee I like the best now days! Seems like my taste have changed over the years.

    Strong to medium strong for me...with sugar! Hard to beat! One of my last vices, I guess!

  8. I know sixbairs has bragging rights but when you say it I have to believe it to be true!

  9. Strong black coffee is the best, can't imagine why people ruin it with cream and sugar!

  10. Aha, I love my coffee. Perhaps too much and I've been told to cut back. Then again, I do look a sight with my eyebrows stuck to the top of my forehead.

    Take care, friend.

    Gary :)

  11. Trouble, as long as it is real strong, there is nothing wrong with making it in a pot. Except for those coffee makers that take those little cups of grounds. They can't get it strong enough for me.

    Jill, Just real, real strong and nothing else added, for me.

    Gypsy, You know your body better than doctors do, so have your coffee if you want to, I do.

    Sixbears, we really enjoyed visiting with you. Hope we can do it again someday. Let me know if and when you ever get back to Texas.

    Hermit Jim, I prefer mine black, but figure everyone should drink it like they like it.

    Justastick, Sixbears is a real coffee connoisseur for sure.

  12. Dizz my comment had nothing to do with his coffee.When it come to coffee to me there is just FOLGERS CLASSIC.

  13. Justastick, that is what my wife drinks.

  14. I am unfortunately addicted to coffee also, even though I just have one large mugful each morning. If I don't have my coffee, I am likely to get a headache.

    1. That sounds bad. I'm a coffee drinker too but I never felt that I got addicted to it. I don't know as I'm not sure as I drink coffee everyday without miss. I'll see if it can have any effect if I skip my coffee for a day.

      Finn Felton
      Kopi Luwak

  15. Jill, I get a headache, also, if I don't get my coffee. Hey, it is my only vice (smile).

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