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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Had a problem with the Motorhome.

We unplugged, disconnected the electric, and headed out to go further west.  Pulled up to the road and made a left hand turn toward the interstate.  Since I was down about a half tank of fuel, figured to stop and top it off.  It took just a little over 50 gallons, so it was half empty.  Paid and was getting in and I saw something running out of the left rear side of the RV.  At first I just thought that it was the fresh water tank draining.  Remember I told you I was trying to find a way to drain it and couldn't?  I decided to make sure and low and behold it was diesel.  I opened up the motor compartment and found that I must have drug a little and damaged the fuel filter.  It looks like a very long oil filter and attaches the same way as an oil filter.

That, of course, changed all my plans for the day.  I got back to the RV park and paid for another day and before I could get to my parking spot, it died.  The motor ran out of fuel and was sucking air.  It coughed a few times and left me sitting in an access drive way to some of the sites.  The fellow that helps run this place was a great help.  I told him my troubles and asked where I could get another filter.  He said there were two parts stores that may have them in town.  So, I unhooked the Jeep and went to town.  Stopped beside a police car at an intersection and asked him where I could find some auto parts store and he told me where two of them were.  Tried the NAPA store first and they didn't have one, so I ordered one and will pick it up in the morning.  On the way back I stopped at the other one he told me about and sure enough, they had one.  So, I brought it home and with the help of nice guy that worked at the park, we got it back together.  Of course it wouldn't start even though I had filled the filter with diesel before putting it on.  He and I were stumped so I called my son.  My son saved the day!!  He told me to go stand facing the caterpillar engine and on my right there would be a yellow knob.  He said turn counter clockwise to unlock it and pump it until you can't pump it any more.  He said it may take up to a hundred pumps, depending.  Sure enough, after we did that, it fired right up and I could unblock the campground road and pull into my spot.  Left it run for awhile to make sure all the air was out of the lines and shut here down.  So, here I sit for another day or so.  I don't have much time so may cut my trip short and try again in the future, or maybe finish my trip but even though it will be a couple of days less than I had planned.  Have to be home for this years NHRA Top Fuel Drag races you know.  Now you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Sorry to hear you had problems. It's a good feeling when they are fixed, isn't it? Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    1. We had refrigerator problems, fuel filter problems, and the worst was the toilet seat broke!!!!

  2. Glad you were able to get that resolved. Sure makes a huge kink in the traveling when you have mechanical issues.

  3. You didn't lose all your fuel from the tanks?

  4. Its wonderful too to have sons that can help us ;)

  5. Sorry to hear that "Murphy" hitched a ride with you. Hopefully smoother days to come.

  6. Bigfoot, You are so right, if the wheels don't turn you don't go anywhere.

    Trouble, No, I didn't. It only spurted out when the motor was running as then it built up pressure.

    BJ, You can say that again. Usually it is the other way around, but as they get older and I get a lot older, he takes better care of me.

    Jill, Heck, he rides on my back most of the time. Of course, like my old daddy always told me, nothing is ever so bad that it can't get worse.

  7. I am truly sorry to hear all the things that have gone wrong on this trip.

    Here is hoping the rest of your trip is a lot better!

  8. The good thing is, that you had a son that was able to help you fix it in the end, otherwise you could have been stuck for a lot longer. And it's a good thing that you didn't get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Sorry about your trip though, maybe next time.

  9. Well DD at least you're out there 'doing it'. It's all part of the journey eh. See I told you you should have gone to the other shop first...

  10. okay, my heart fluttered at 50 gallons of fuel, dang that's a lot! then to have a leak, oh boy! Glad you are back on the road. I did get your card. Thanks, to you and your wife. I really enjoyed the mail. I posted about it on my blog.

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  13. MsB, My black cloud followed me along after I left Junction. I was just 50 miles east of Fort Smith and my air-rides quit functioning and the rear of my rig dropped way down. Expensive fix and a day's delay.

    Rum-Punch Drunk, Well, the day after that I did get stuck in the middle of nowhere. Will write all about it.

    TFT, explain that to my wife. . .

    Jill E, At today's diesel prices, that can cost a small fortune.

  14. butterbean carpenterApril 23, 2013 at 4:05 PM

    Howdy DD,
    Do y'all ever come up toward Brownwood or Abilene?? We've got plenty of room here at the RunningStar Ranch to stop, have a cup and sit a spell.. We're in between I-10 & I-20 and on US 84, so we're on the way to everywhere, US 67 is just S of us 7 miles... We'd be honored to have y'all visit, anytime!!!

    Hope you don't drag the tail again.. I thought that was what the trailer hitch was for!! hee hee

  15. It's a good thing that you figured out the cause of the problem and managed to find the part you need to make the repair despite all the mishaps in between. And I agree; your son saved the day with that one. Good on both of you to know the ins and outs of your RV!