Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We are just going to relax today.  Nothing new to report and as far as I know, no problems although my wife tells me that I am the problem (grin).  I am not going to bore you with just a bunch of words but just want to check in.

I have some video tapes about the true history of the west.  There are five tapes that are over two hours long.  The first one was mostly about Billy the Kid.  The funny thing was that while he was alive he was never called Billy the Kid.  Some did call him "The Kid".  Then we watched one about the Indian wars.  I realy enjoy watching or reading about the true history and compare it to the what eveyone believes was true or to the "western movies" version.  We watched the first half of the first tape for way over an hour.  Will finish it up today or tonight and then start on "The Gun Fighters" tapeWhere did I find such interesting tapes you may ask?  At the flea market, of course.

Now, you all have just a very great day, you hear.


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  2. Whew!! On no new problems..lol. Now you're doing what you wanted,,sitting back and relaxing. Have a good one, and be safe.

  3. While y'all still have internet access you should check out the website for the McDonald Observatory. Looks like there are some interesting things to do there

  4. Since you have not been north from Alpine, you might take the car and run the short run to Ft. Davis with camera at the ready. About five miles north of you the road turns into a winding meander through some very nice mountains. However there is not room for your MH to pull over for pics. The car will fit for stopping.

  5. Ok, what have ya been do'n besides get'n stuff fixed? How bout some pics of your trip? Sure do wish I was out there on the road go'n a hunnert mile a hour an' look'n at stuff. You do know that US 90 goes to Houston? Right through Del Rio where MsB is camped out. What an opportunity to meet up with another blogger.

  6. Was wondering how you are connection to the internet? Yours or the free WIFI?

    If it is your own...who is your ISP?

  7. Trouble, Yep, been doing too much of that, had to take a walk.

    Stihlthe1, I will. Thank you for the reminder.

    Barney, I will try to do that. If not, my wife snaps pics out the window. Not as good as stopping, for sure.

    B.B. OK, but we are just relaxing in the Lost Alaskan RV Park for now.

    MsB, both. I have a Verizon hot spot that works, but it went dead so as I was charging it I got on the RV park's free WIFI and it works almost as fast as my hotspot, so a using it now. My ISP is Verizon.

  8. Thanks for the reply! Would have liked to know if it worked in the greater Terlingua area...guess I'll have to wait until the next time you go.

  9. MsB, the last time I was there my verizon cell phone worked. I didn't try the computer thing back then since I was not yet a blogger and had no need to get on line every day.

  10. MsBelinda,

    From what I have read a Verizon Data Link is very iffy in Terlingua. Most people that live there have a DSL wire connection for reliable Internet service.

    1. Hi, Ed...I was wondering what internet connections were possible without a DSL line since technology changes constantly.

      I will not be able to get a phone line when I finally make it there because I do not meet the minimum electric requirements in place at this time.