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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

got a little over 300 miles in.

Going through umteen thousand small towns and country back roads, I think I made pretty good time.  I made it to the Junction North Llano River RV Park.  The trip was not without problems.  The first was the refrigeratorThe freezer part works fine but the refrigerator does not.  So, buying bags of ice, putting the ice in plastic zip lock bags and stuffing them in around the food.  Maybe I will hit a bump and it will start working again.  Hey, I am trying to be an optimist.  Burnt up about a half a tank of fuel and that was with the generator running to run the overhead ACs.

Ok, got rid of the bad stuff, so here is the good stuff.  I had pulled through my gate, stopped, and went back and shut and locked it.  See the nice fresh cut grass?  Had to cut the grass before we left.

 Stopped at this road-side park to let the dogs out.  It had some beautiful trees.  Sorry, I took the picture through the dirty window.

 My wife took this picture somewhere.  Looks like after the trip was almost over, on I-10 heading for Junction?

And of course she had to take a picture of the Old Fart that was driving the bus:

And of course a sunset to end the day:

Now, we will have (hopefully) an easy day.  Will fill up with fuel and head west on I-10.  Not going too far today.  Have already made reservations at Fort Stockton RV Park.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Posted on your yesterday's blog,,lol. I almost always go back and read the comments.
    Have a SAFE trip!

  2. Way to go go go DD, glad to see you'uns back on the open road. Enjoyed the pictures, have fun!

  3. I hope we run into each other sometimes. I have my Ovation tuned and ready!!

  4. I am down on hwy 90 right now near Sabinal. where are you heading after Fort Stockton? I should be in Seminole Canyon State Park tonight.

  5. Glad to see you back on the road again!

    Safe travels!

  6. Trouble, So fat its been safe but with problems.

    Jimkabob, not sure how much further we will get. May just sit here a few days and then go home.

    Michael, My ovation travels with me and it is ready to go. Even have a spare set of strings.

    Barney, Got your email and replied. Would be nice to meet up, for sure.

    H.J. Well, we didn't get far. Will tell about it in my blog.