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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Answer from Blue Bell

Remember my blog about finding an unknown object in a bowl of ice cream that I was eating: Wondering about the prize in the container.  I had asked them to let me know what they found out and they did so.  I got a letter from them explaining what it was, and it turned out that it was not their fault at all; it was mine.
Let me explain.  I don’t use our better set of eating utensils (can’t call them silverware cause they are not silver) because I don’t want to bend a spoon, since they have thin handles where they attach to the spoon part.  I use a “cheap” set which seem to be stronger.  Well, a few of days before I found the foreign part in my ice cream, I remember bending one of the cheap spoons when I was getting myself a bowl of that dreamy stuff.  I didn’t see any pieces fall off, but then I wasn’t looking for any.  Just got mad at that spoon, threw it away, got another one, and had my evening treat.  It wasn’t the next bowl, but a couple of bowls later when I found the part.  That part came from that spoon that I bent a few treats ago.  Here is a picture of part of the letter that I got showing the part and the type spoon it came from.  I also laid one of my spoons on the letter so you can compare.  Sure enough, it all matches up.  They even sent the part back to me.

Now I feel a little stupid, but it isn’t the first time and it will not be the last.  I can be really stupid some times, but maybe not as many times as my wife says I am. . . you all have a great day and don’t do anything stupid, you hear?  Leave the stupid up to me, I am good at it.


  1. Thanks for sharing, even though it might be just a tad embarrassing.

    It is nice to see that the mystery is solved and that it's not from a defective product. Glad they took your situation seriously. Too often companies ignore complaints and concerns.

  2. Yea!! What Sixbears said.
    Guess you gonna have to start having Ruth count your utensils after every meal, like they do in the prisons?
    I'd say make a list for the procedure to eat a dish of ice cream, but Hell,you's lose the list ,, or eat it!! :-)

  3. At least you know what it was and can enjoy your Blue Bell ice cream. Cheers to the company for responding.

  4. Lololol,,,DD. They do make ice cream scoops for that rock hard ice cream, ya know. Look next time you're in a store. NOT a useless thing.

  5. Too late, my stupid things done list gets longer everyday

  6. I felt stupid once DD but decided it was just silly... now I just feel happy...

  7. Sixbears, I am impressed with their company and their product.

    Ben, yep my wife will have to act as the warden.

    Gypsy, even when I didn’t know it was my fault, I still kept enjoying their product. Yum, Yum!

    Trouble, yeah, I know. It is easier to use the same spoon you are going to eat with, then there is only half as many things to wash (grin).

    Jimkabob, my list is longer than yours, I bet. Welcome to my blog. How’s the weather in Virginia?

    TFT, now you have the right idea.