Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wondering when I will ever get done.

I am still working on that “rush” job. I started this small job way back on November 5th and it turned out not to be such a small job. I have worked every day except the day I purchased the Class-A and last Friday, when I took it in to get the oil and filters changed in the main engine and the generator. That, of course took longer than expected. At 09:00 I got started getting ready to take the RV down to Camperland, located just south of Conroe. Got it running and disconnected and made it down there by 10:00. They said it would take two hours, but by noon they had not finished and the guy that was doing the work went on lunch break for an hour. Finally got it done and headed back to the house. It was easy getting it out. Just make sure everything was unhooked, open the gate, and go. Getting back in was a different story.

I had to move the Class-C motor-home, which meant disconnecting it and moving it way up the driveway almost to the gate. (I have an elongated loop section of drive way near my house.) Then I had to move the Jeep, since it was sitting in my front yard where I have to pull up in to make my three or four back-ups to get the new one wrapped around and back in its parking spot. Had my wife come out with the walkie-talkies and help me get past that leaning tree. That took a few back-ups and pull forwards to clear it. BTW, a tree guy is supposed to call me about taking down that three. My wife says she does not want me to do it. Don’t know why, I have cut down lots of trees. I used to pound a stick in the ground and try to drop the tree I was cutting onto the stick. Hit it almost all of the time, even if the tree was leaning another direction. Now she says I am too old. I just want you to know I am not too old, but I am getting lazy so will have the guy give me a quote. If it is close to the price of new chain saw, I will go with him; a lot easier, right?

I guess I took a long way around just to say I got to get to work. I want to finish this project up this week. (Yeah, famous last words) You all have a great new week now, you hear?


  1. Right on letting the professional take out the tree. I realize you know how , Like I do, BUT let the kids do it. Besides which when he's finished all the limbs and stuff are gone!!
    About getting the bus into position, you'll figer it out one of these days soon and it'll become second nature .

  2. When you get rid of the older one, will you still need the tree gone? Won't you have double space then? I'm thinking they are parked side by side.

  3. Don't hog all the tree fun! Let the younger guys have some of it as well!

    After all, it is the season for sharing, right?

  4. You're not too old or too lazy, just smart. There are a lot of thing I could do, but why should I wear myself out?

  5. Ben, trouble is I would have to cut 25 or 30 trees down and move my house in order to get it in next to the power pole without more than one or so back-ups. I think if I get the one tree out, I can do it in two back-ups.

    Trouble, it is not the parking space; it is the tight circle that my loop drive way makes through the trees. Got lots of room to park them side by side once I get it in there.

    Hermit, yeah, if I cut it down I would only cut up the part that would fall across my driveway and leave the rest lay there. Then my wife would fuss about it.

    Gypsy, look who’s talking. Didn’t you just get through painting the whole inside of your hours? (grin) Heck, we got to do some things in order to justify our existence.