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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wondering about computers and ferns that grow on trees.

I will try to get this posted before my computer crashes again. My wife and I went into town yesterday to one of my favorite stores, Office Depot. I was planning to purchase Windows 7 Pro to put on our old Del lap top which now has Vista and will not run some of my engineering software. Of course while we were in there my wife suggested that I get a tablet like hers, so I agreed. Then I happened to ask the very helpful salesman about a laptop that would run my programs. He said that he only had one that could handle solid modeling well, so of course I had to purchase it but I needed its Windows 7 to be upgraded to the professional version. He said that he could install it on both so I rushed home and returned with the other old laptop to get it updated. Now, I will have two laptops that can run my programs. That is better, since I will want to be traveling in my new toy as much as possible and if I have to do some work, why not have a good laptop that can handle it?

On another subject, did you ever see ferns growing out of trees? Back on the south west side of my property there is a huge tree that way up on the top of most of its big limbs there are small ferns growing. I noticed this many years ago and it didn’t seem to affect the tree any; that is, until this year of the drought. The tree died and some of that bark has fallen to the ground. I picked up a piece and took a picture of it while I was holding it. You can see the small ferns which used to have a birds’ eye view of everything. I don’t know if they and the tree had a symbiotic relationship or if the ferns where just parasites. Do any of you know? Here is the picture:

Sorry for not commenting on all your blogs, but until I solve this computer problem, (should be this afternoon when I get them back) I will not be able to stay on line for very long. I do read all your blogs from my new tablet, but have a lot to learn on using it. So far I like it, and it does a great job showing pictures from a thumb (flash) drive. Got it up and running last night. Now my wife and I both have tablets. It is about time that we move into the modern world.

Now, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Really HAPPY for YOU!!! U have needed that new puter for a long time. Vista?? OMG. Had that once, hated it, but love win 7.
    Ferns? Never saw anything like that.

  2. Don't know about ferns, are they a parasite like mistletoe ? Maybe they been living off the tree and with the "host" gone. They just died.

    Won't take you long to get used to Windows 7, I fought it for years like you. But once I moved to it,took me about a month to get familiar with it. Just don't rush it, it'll come to you in time.

  3. Trouble, yes it is time. My desk top still uses the old square type crt monitor. I guess it is time to get modern. Hard for old people like me who are stuck in our old ways.

    Ben, I have seen the ferns growing on another tree, but it is rare. I don't know how different Windows 7 is from Windows 7 Pro. The Pro version will work with NT based programs much better.

  4. Both versions are based on old Windows NT, the pro, as I understand it is more security as it runs on 128 bit encryption.