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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wondering which on is the “Monster”.

The day before we got the chance to purchase the Class-A we wanted, my wife bought a Toshiba Tablet, the big one that had an USB port, a removable battery, a big screen, and lots of extras. Then the next day we went down to South Houston and spent the whole day purchasing the RV and getting some minor things fixed before we took it home. Because of all that was going on, her new tablet never got set up correctly from the beginning and after everything settled down, she finally tried to get it set up properly. She could use the internet; of course the first site she looked at was QVC. Played a few games, etc. It worked fine on most sites but she couldn’t use it for email or download more apps, nor could she get it registered.

She had tried everything and nothing would work, it wouldn’t even take the serial number which is required to register it. She worked with it hour after hour, day after day, and got so frustrated she was ready to pull her hair out. But worse, it was turning her into a monster, and I don’t mean the Cookie Monster. She was getting so frustrated that it upset both our lives. She even said that the dang thing was turning her into a monster. I told her that I would take her back to where we purchased it and get help, but she would have to wait until I could find the time to do it. You know I was going to find the time, just to get rid of “The Monster” and I am not talking about the tablet.

One of my favorite stores is Office Depot and that is where we purchased the tablet. We went back there yesterday and they were so very helpful and got the thing straightened out. It took them quite a long time to do so, because the two techs that were helping her had trouble figuring out why it wouldn’t work right. This story has a happy ending. They got the problem figured out, the “Monster” shrunk down to her old self and size, the tablet works great according to the ex-monster, and they wouldn’t even accept a tip even though it took up a lot of their time. No charge and it works like a new one – wait, it IS a new one. Office Depot is still my favorite store.

You all have a good day and shrink all your monsters, you hear?


  1. I want a full review of the tablet! Is it Android? I'll go google it soon. I WANT at tablet! However, I butt up against the processing power of my netbook sometimes, so I want a 'real' OS, and a big screen (the netbook screen is a bit too small), and I want it to weigh almost nothing and have 8-10 hours of battery. Oh, and cost under $300. So, I can find something close for over $1K (ASUS, like my netbook) or the transformer for the battery life, or the Dell for processing. What does it do well for her? What does she miss? I'm gonna have to choose my features since no one so far has all I want for what I can pay.

  2. I'm not a big fan of tablets in general. It would handle about 99% of what my wife does. However, should I take the chance that she'll turn into a monster? Especially since we live so far away from live tech support?

  3. Sure glad they were able to get the tablet fixed. Everyone knows that if Momma Ain't happy , Ain't NO ONE gonna be happy. :-)

  4. I was thinking of a tablet, but I think I've decided to just go with a laptop as a back-up instead!

    For me, it's a lot cheaper!

  5. Good for YOU!,,Taking care of that monster. Got it purring now,,huh. lol

  6. Shadowmoss, it now does everything my wife wanted it to do. You can do email, blogs, almost everything a computer will do except for some programs. Even has word. This one has USB ports and all kinds of extras, but it was expensive. My wife suggests that you go to QVC.com and check out what they have and the feedback to find out what people think of the different ones.

    6bears, but you live out in the woods, what is one more monster?

    Ben, she is very happy with it now. I don’t know how she messed it up or if it was her fault at all.

    Hermit, we have a laptop for travel so the tablet is just an easier way to access stuff and pictures without the fuss of the computer. The battery lasts for ever on the tablet. Well, maybe only 8 hours or so.

    Trouble, yep she is very satisfied with it now.