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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Autumn Color On My Place

Before I get into this blog that TROUBLEnTX requested yesterday, I would like to ask Spud to read my reply to his comment and let me know if you agree or disagree. Thanks.

Now TROUBLE here are pictures of the fall color around my place. It is heavily overcast, so they will not be as bright as they could be if the sun were shining. But any picture is better than no picture. Now keep in mind that most of the color is from oak trees. That is the part that is unusual. The trash trees always turn pretty colors in the fall, but the oaks don’t usually and if they do, they don’t change all at once like this year. So, here are the pictures that I took this morning:

Hope you enjoyed the color, sorry it was such a dark day, but it in the 70’s and suppose to get up to near 80 today with a chance of rain.  Believe the rain part when I see it.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Looks like you are getting some nice fall colors. Good overview of the fall colors at your place. Nice.. Thanks for the pictures. I really like the last one. :-)

  2. TYTYTY Been around oaks all my life, but don't remember ever seeing them in color like that!
    Ol Jules posts so many pics of the sun, that mean nothing to me, but have you checked them out?
    When are you quitting that job, and getting into that ship and taking off?
    I always look at both sides of everything, (global warming too) and i've always said i would be no good on a jury. lol. Well, one crime,,hurting kids, hang em high.

  3. Those colors do look unusual for TX. Hope you get a break from that job to enjoy them.

  4. Ben, could have been better if it were not so over-cast this morning. I like the last one, too.

    Trouble, This has been a strange year. I agree with you on hurting kids.

    6bears, I always enjoy the beauty around me. I have found that you don't have to look to hard to appreciate the beauty of every thing in nature.

  5. Hey Dizzy; I Thought you had a Class C or did i miss something?

  6. You are correct Dizzy ,that it is a crap shoot as to whether a super flare is pointed at us when it flies out. Keep your fingers crossed !
    I daily look at the current feeds from the solar observatories, as I firmly believe that the government will not warn us if and when one is heading our direction.
    As they say "Prepare for the worst, Hope for the best"
    I keep a little Honda generator and some electronics in an EMP proof container. Inside a vehicle that has no computer controls !
    My class C is a 76 American Clipper, it's old but guess what ? It'll run after the fact !
    Maybe I'm paranoid over nothing, but better prepared than not...

  7. Anon, I still have the class-C but I did upgrade to a class-A. I will put the class-C up for sell next year when I get around to it. Check out my 12-01-11 blog and my 12-02-11 blog and you will see pictures of both of them. Yep, you missd something.

    Spud, we live far enough south that a CME should not bother us at all or not as much as the far north. In the mean time I will brush up on my wilderness survival skills. Remember Euell Gibboms? He was my hero.