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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Wondering About a Christmas Present.

I got a Christmas present that I would like to show you.  I am sure you know that all men like a new toy now and then, and I am no different.  This toy should give me many, many hours of enjoyment and maybe a few hours of frustration, too.  Do I have you curiosity stirred up yet?  No?  OK, I show you the box it comes in:
The next picture shows the pad.  There are a lot of games that you can be played on it but the first one I tried was Chase Me.  Oh yes, after you put batteries in it, it lights up.  During the Chase Me game, you have to touch the circle that flashes.  Usually, multiple circles flash and this game can move on very quickly.  It is a real test of hand/eye coordination.

 Below is the way it looks when you first turn it on.

Dim the lights some and it shows up even better. 

 This last picture shows it turned on and laying in front of its box.

OK, now you know what I am doing if I am late posting.  By the way, this game is for all ages, not just for old farts like me.  Now you all have a great evening, you hear?


  1. You'll soon have a super brain if you play those games often enough!

    1. Either that or my brain will have a melt down.

  2. I get too frustrated doing those kinds, so i dont.