Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wondering about the weather and another card.

It has been really humid, even for here where high humidity is the norm.  How humid has it been?  Glad you asked, so I will tell you.  Last night before I went to bed I went outside when the dogs made their final outing for the day.  I couldn't believe how humid it was.  The temperature had cooled off to below 80 degrees because of a cool front and rain that went through here.  What surprised me is that I could see my breath even in that warm air!  Everything was wet and dripping.  Now tell me that ain't high humidity.

Got up this morning and it is still quite humid but not as bad as last night.  As you can see by the picture below, it is still about 74 degrees, but I can't see my breath.

My old thermometer always does a good job and reads  the same as the weather report for this area.  It is mounted so I can see it through the sliding glass door and it is under roof on the screened in porch.

My talented wife made another card last night, so I scanned it and the envelope to show you.  Remember the card and envelope that I showed you yesterday?  Keeping on the Halloween theme, she did one showing a spider and its web.

This first one is of the front of the card:

And the inside:

And, of course, the envelope:
I thought that all of you would enjoy seeing the latest card and envelope that my talented wife had made.  This one was all black and white.  I hope I didn't ruin the day for any of the Arachnophobic readers out there, but have a really great day, you hear?


  1. Love it too. I kept a ladder spider fed all one summer, and she kept making egg pouches. After about 4, she just fell off and died! Another one did the same when we were working on this house before I moved here. So sad.

  2. Howdy DD&D,

    That wife of yours is indeed one talented lady, DD... How long does it take her to do the whole shebang??? There was a guy I went to high school with, Joker Myers, who could do drawings like that, during class; of course he flunked everything but art... I wonder whatever happened to him... I think his real name was Elwin...
    The reason I couldn't stay and work in the HUMIDIDITY CAPITAL was I didn't have no GILLS, behind my ears...
    Hope it dries out some and y'all have a HAPPY DAY !!!!!!!

  3. She is very talented. My oldest daughter definitely has arachnophobia.

  4. Trouble, I guess she did her duties to see that neew spiders would be hatched and then died. Yes, it is kind of sad.

    Butterbean, yes she is. It takes her from minutes to many hours, depending on the card. - Yep, I know what you mean about needing gills.

    Jill, thanks, and that is too bad. Spiders and the webs they weave are beautiful things.

  5. I love spiders and the "golden garden spider" (ladder) is one of my favorites. And your wife continues to amaze me!

  6. When I was a kid, I used to catch spiders and put them in a big container and feed them flys and such. I had my own little spider zoo. My Mom didn't care much for it.

  7. That don't look like no ittisy-bittsy spider , that looks like Big Mama! Some one might take a swack at it when the card is opened. Can you get mechanical and make it wiggle a bit when the card is opened. Of course, you might have to send it to someone else instead of a nursing home resident.

  8. A wiggle would be funny, but it is better left off. Wouldn't want to make matters any worse at the nursing home. Maybe we should have inserted a plastic spider in the card. We did put platic ants that looked real intor a card back awhile ago.

  9. I hope it aint as humid. Your wife is talented and with such cards, she should have her own web site.

    A good day to you, sir.


    1. Thanks Gary, It is suppose to dry out some by the end of the week. I will tell my wife what you said.

  10. We've had heavy fog accompanying milder temps, lately. Goose hunters are frustrated as its too foggy to risk a ride to the cove in the dark. Geese all take off at dawn, regardless of the fog down on the ground. What's a little fog when you have a ley line GPS in your head?

  11. Hey DD -
    Does the inside of the card say "Just dropping in to say Hi!"? It is a lovely set of drawings - I'd be pleased to receive that one myself, and I'm not particularly fond of spiders ~ Less humid and cooler on the weekend ~ Is Fall coming to southeast Texas?? Fingers crossed!

  12. Wil, you know the old saying, "what's good for the goosse is good for the gander" but this time what was good for the geese was bad for the hunters.

    Baby Sis, actually she doesn't do the inside until she is ready to send it, so as of now it is blank. I will write a poem for it as I usually do. BTW, my wife doesn't like spiders and was bit by a black widow and had a few years of discomfort from it.