Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, September 30, 2013

Wondering about Jack-O-Lanterns.

It is hard to believe, but when tomorrow comes it will be October all ready.  When I lived up north October meant a lot of things to me, the main ones being beautiful colored leaves, hunting season, and of course Halloween.  My wonderful and talented wife must have had October and Halloween on her mind last night as she sat in her chair working on a card and envelope to send to my Aunt in the nursing home up in Pennsylvania.  I thought it was so very good that I just had to share it with you.  She didn't think it was that good, but I sure did.  I guess I will let you decide if it is good or not.

I opened it up and scanned it for you all.  This first picture is of the outside of the card, showing both the front (on the right) and the back (on the right).

Going to pick out the pumpkin that is just perfect takes a lot of looking, but the ones in the picture above all look pretty good to me.  What do you think?

OK, we picked out the perfect one. Then we turned it from a thing of beauty into something hideous and scary.  Now it is a Jack-O-Lantern and it's main purpose is scare you.


And of course she had to decorate an envelope with a bunch of really scary Jack-O-Lanterns.  Look!!  They are still on the vine and they just ripped themselves out of the pumpkin patch and are chasing you. . . RUN   RUN  Run for your lives!!!

So now that I got you shook up, try to relax anyway and have a great day, you hear?  I have to go and write a poem for this card.

Trouble requested that I show the poem, too.  It is not one of my better ones.  For some reason my artistic and rhyming side wasn't awake yet (grin)  Hey, that is as good of an excuse I can come up with at this time.  Here is the dumb poem:

Pumpkins to Jack-O-Lanterns


There are both good and evil people.

Some are strange but others are evil.


The same is true for country bumpkins.

Who are those who raise these orange pumpkins.


Some pretty pumpkins make a U-turn.

Turning into a Jack-O-Lantern.


Instead of making some yummy pies.

Makes scary faces to haunt your eyes.


But these are friendly and won’t say boo.

They want to see a smile, not scare you.


  1. OMG!! Those are wonderful! Want to see your poem too u hear.

  2. You two are quite a pair! I MIGHT be able to come up with something once in a while... but every day? No way! Y'all could start your own business.... very clever!!!

  3. Agree totally with Essy,,,how do you do it EVERY DAY? Amazing.

  4. Maybe we can do it for two reasons. The first is love and caring. The second is it gives us something to do. I would much rather write a poem than do any work (grin).

  5. Howdy DD & D,
    Really good pics & not bad pome... The J-O-L MAY NOT SCARE YOU, BUT ONE LOOK AT ME WILL, my mama said she got scared by a 'SPOOK' on the way to the horsespistol on HALLOWEEN and thatz why I'm so U-GLY !!!!!! I've had to live with it ALL of my life !!!!!

    1. Real beauty comes from within. The stuff on the outside is just there to hold the stuff on the inside in. . . or something like that.

  6. love it, Dizzy... you and your wife are a great team...

    1. Coming up next August, we will have been a team for 50 years. Actually, we went to the same school but she was a a couple of years behind me. So, we have known each other almost all our lives.

  7. No doubt you both compliment each other. Great art work and good poem.