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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wondering and "Counting flowers on the wall".

Do you remember the Statler Brothers hit back in 1969, Counting Flowers on the Wall?  I don't think I have ever done that but it does remind me of times past and homes with all that fancy wallpaper.  My Grandparents' home had some of that fancy wallpaper and I can remember back when I was a kid I would try to find pictures and faces and such hidden in the designs in the wallpaper.  Even to this day, I do the same thing.  In fact, just the other day I noticed a face in a design on a wall.  No, I don't think I need to see a shrink because it didn't talk to me and I didn't talk to it.

I took a picture of the wall.  I wonder if you can see the same face that I did?  In fact I was able to pick out more than one but one in particular stood out to me.  Let's see what you see in this wall design.  I also wrote a poem to go with it and it goes like this:

Did you ever sit and stare at walls?
Plain wallpaper without any scrawls.
But the kind with some fancy designs,
and then pick out faces in the lines?
Here is one where I found one,
hunt for it and have some fun:

Well, did you see any faces?  No?  Well look again, I can make out several of them.  OK, maybe my imagination is running a little wild, but there is one large one that is hard to miss.
OK, did you give up?
Pour coffee in your cup.
Sit down and take some time,
Just look for the orange line. 

Now that I have proved to you that I am a little odd, don't go running off screaming, just stick around and do some more Wondering and Wandering with Dizzy, you hear?


  1. We, as kids, used to do that with clouds, on trips.

  2. well, shoot! you spoiled it ... I saw the profile but couldn't figure out who it was ... I had enlarged it the cursor brought up the orange line... looks like lil Abner a bit... hahaaa

    oh, me, Dizzy ... you and your imagination ... glad to know someone else does this... I watch clouds, trees, leaves on the ground, water droplets on a window and so forth ... I think energy drawings are everywhere...

    sometimes, well? most times, I'm glad I'm odd... disconcerting to others though ... ha

    g'morning ;)

  3. Trouble, yes, we did that, too. I think we had more fun as kids than kids do today. Didn't take too much to keep us happy.

    Carolyn, yep, getting old does have some advantages, I just can't think of any right now. Now where did I put my glasses.

    1. lol... not old ODD ... you probably left them under the night table... hahaa

    2. Yep, there was a pair where you said. The ones I am looking for may be in the Jeep.

  4. I found a face right off... not the same one you found. Mine looked more like Rembrandt...except once I saw your outline I couldn't find mine anymore... could only see Lil Abner... Oh, the power of suggestion!

    1. I saw another one at first then I saw the one I outlined. After that, I couln't find the first one, like you.

  5. I couldn't find one and don't see much of one in the orange outline. This is not uncommon for me, I fail those Rorschach test also even when I study for them.

    1. I must be a little strange, cause I see a lot of faces in that design. The one I outlined was the plainest to me.