Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wondering about dangerous wild things.

There are a lot of creatures, both great and small, that can cause you harm.  Some are mean and really want to hurt you, others hurt you by accident, and some have to use you for food.  Let me take these in reverse order.  Bacteria, viruses, mosquitoes, and in some cases large creatures like killer whales, big cats, bears, alligators, and I have heard of a python eating a small child, can and will eat you.  There are microbes of all kinds trying to devour you right now.  We just can't escape the danger, but most of us just ignore it.  Except when it comes to huge, exotic creatures; they seem to scare us the most and they are usually the least of your worries.  When you go to bed tonight the chance of being eaten by a huge predator is almost nil, but the chance of being feasted on by very small (some unseen) predators is quite high.  In fact, it is guaranteed.

I suppose that you think that your vehicle is immune from these predators.  Well, you are wrong.  Down in Florida the vultures are attacking vehicles and eating all the rubber weather stripping off any that they can find.  Now, I know some of us drive old vehicles, but this is getting ridiculous!  Buzzards and vultures following our vehicles around waiting to attack while they are sleeping.  Really bad!!!  Don't believe me?  Here is a link to the news article: http://www.wildflorida.com/articles/Vultures_attack_cars_in_Florida.php  OK, stay away from those car eating vultures and look up every now and then to see if any are following you.  I got real nervous the other day when there were so many vultures in one of my dead trees that I thought they would make the limbs fall off, and they were all LOOKING AT ME!!!!  Well, they left the next day, so now you all have to worry about them coming to your house (grin).  Now have a great day, you hear?


  1. Bet they left some "stuff" behind too,,,lol

  2. I think the only creatures I would be afraid of are mountain lions and grizzly bears - actually any western bears. (I'm not afraid of eastern bears.)

  3. Now ya got me watching the trees as I go outside!

    Maybe I should change my cologne, ya reckon?

  4. I had the rubber bumper chewed off my car by a porcupine. It looked like someone had taken an ax to it.

  5. Trouble, I don't know if they did, afraid to look (grin).

    Gypsy, it is the really small stuff that scares me the most, like bacteria and fungal toxins.

    HJ, let me know if they a following you around. They did head off to the south when they left here.

    Sixbears, my friend liked to camp at the boat access only camp ground on the Kinzua in northern PA, and after a week's camping when he boated back to where his car was parked he discovered that the chip monks ate the wires off the engine. Had a long, long walk to the closest town while his family waited at the lake.

  6. I have a morbid fear of snakes and rats. Of course would not want to come in contact with a bear, mountain lion or a pack of javelinas either.

  7. MsB, all of the above that you listed must be respected.