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Monday, December 31, 2012

Wondering how bad my dog will shake.

My oldest dog has always been deathly afraid of anything that goes bang.  I told you about how she reacts to thunder back on this old blog posting: http://dizzydick.blogspot.com/2012/10/wondering-how-much-and-when-it-will-rain.html  Well, she may get a double whammy tonight.  Being New Years Eve, the neighbors put off a lot of fireworks and I believe the weather man said that there is also a chance of some storms moving in.  So, I am afraid that there will be "a lot of shakin going on" here tonight.  Remember that old Jerry Lee Lewis song?  I guess after tonight, things should get back to normal.  I like normal, but some people think normal is boring.  I do not believe in being bored.  Boredom is a preventable emotion and my normal is definitely not boring.  Any emotion that can be prevented and is useless, should never be allowed to happen.

My son talked me in to getting on facebook.  He said it was a great way to keep in contact with my friends and family.  So I joined.  Funny how some people I know found me so quick.  How did that happen?  I think I will like it but not sure yet.  Will pass judgement after a bit of time elapses.  I have left it open to the public but will make it private soon.  That reminds me, I guess I should check it today.  There are still things I don't understand about it, but I will learn. . . maybe.  Now you all have a great day and don't party to hardy tonight, but if you do, don't keep me awake.  Have a great New Year, you hear. 


  1. I got on Facebook for some ungodly reason. I glance on there every once in a while. Seems it's the only way the younger generation knows how to communicate.

  2. Sorry about the dog having to go through all the noise. Maybe they make ear plugs for dogs!

    Mom doesn't like loud noises too much and wears her ear plugs most of the night!

    I don't do Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social sites. Don't like 'em. Always feel that I'm being pushed to join and "like me" and I don't like being pushed!

    You have a great night, buddy!

  3. Trouble, I just got on because my son wanted me to. Some of mine and my wife's relatives are on it so maybe it will work for awhile. I much prefer blogging nd mail. Guess I am old fashioned (grin).

    HJ, nothing seems to help the pup. I said that I would never do them either, but here I am on one of them. I will give it a chance, but I am not too posititive.

  4. You don't call either, you text. Just about leaves me out. Hate to text, with my phone.

  5. I dislike New Year's because of all the fireworks my neighbors pop right and left since it is permissible in the county but not the city.

    As dry as it is a fire could get out of control fast. So I have the water hoses ready just in case. Just as I typed that last sentence it reminded me of Ben...he used to do that too :(

  6. I guess I am old fashioned, I shun the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.

    Heck I don't even own a cell phone :D

  7. I finally got on LinkedIn recently to keep up with a friend and former co-worker who is not in good health. He won't email anymore, so I figured when he invited me to LinkedIn it was a hint. It is scary how it listed som many folks from my past that I 'might' know. Working late tonight so the co-worker could get off early and party. I'm going home and turn up some music to drown out the partiers.

  8. I sure hope your dog isn't too freaked out by the noises. Poor baby!

    I wish y'all a healthy new year with happy trails. P

  9. Trouble, I do not text. I had that service turned off.

    MsB, I am old fashion in most things but do like some of the modern gadgets.

    Shadowmoss, we all seem to have to do things now that we never ever thought we would be doing.

    Penny, the pup is having a bad time but things quieted down a little right now, but that will not last. And a happy new year to you, too and all the four footed friends.

  10. I too am never bored, I can always find something to do or read. We tried to have our New Years at 6:00 p.m. in Harmony PA. They had a German New Years. It was snowing and blowing so we didn't stay long. (lots of outdoor activites and fireworks) I guess it's the ball dropping on TV for us. Face Book is an odd place but you will settle in.
    Happy New Years!

  11. I was on Facebook for a while and found out it was the biggest time-waster I've ever encountered. I email and I talk on my regular house phone. One problem is that most businesses are going over to Facebook and you can't contact them any other way except F.B. and Twitter. I don't tweet either - what a crock! Hope your dogs don't get too upset over the New Year's noise.