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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wondering why some people just don't care.

It is true, some people just don't care.  As long as they are not affected personally the just don't care.  They practice "dog psychology" which is "if you can't eat it or screw it, pee on it" or words to that effect only a little stronger.  I am sure you know people like that.  There is a way too big percentage of the population that is like that.  Of course when you get down to the basics, food to stay alive and procreation to keep the species alive are two of the most important things we work for.

There are some who live in their own very little world and do not care what else is happening around them as long as they are warm and well fed.  I believe that most of us are at least a little bit like that.  It is your own close family members that you protect the most and that is the way it should be.  Preppers can't prepare the whole community, county, state, country, or world for dissaster.  They prepare for themselves and maybe other family members and close friends.  It isn't that they don't care, it is just impossible to help everyone.

Then there are the people that just don't care.  They don't care about others and some don't even care about themselves.  I care about everyone, but know I am not able to take care of everyone so limit my protection to those closest to me.  In some cases, that would have to be those physically close since in a disaster, they are the only ones that can be quickly helped.  But since all is well in my world and it is dog grooming day, I will quit writing and get ready to take our babies to the groomer.  Now, you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Wow DD ,,, you're a DEEP thinker,,,

  2. Sad but true, Dizzy. Kind of a sad way to go through life. Are we more than animals?

  3. I think you summed it up pretty well, buddy! Not much that I could add to that!

    Have a great day!

  4. Replies
    1. Typical liberal answer. Because I'm not willing to share with those that won't do for themselves, then I'm evil. I believe in taking care of myself and my family, why do I have to provide for you. Go out and earn it.

    2. Typical ignorant reply MSgt Jim...
      If your moniker is any indication of your lifes vocation. Then earning a living by sucking off the government teat is a contradiction of terms. We the people earned a living in order that you the military could be paid.
      If I am a Liberal, I am damn proud of that fact.

    3. What did you ever do for this country spud? Did you agree do go wherever and whenever the government wanted you to? Did you spend years away from your family, at what would be considered a poverty wage without complaining and do so proudly so those like you could have what you have? Don't ever complain to me what you don't have, based on what you didn't earn or deserve. I payed a huge price for what little I have been promised, what have you done?

    4. As a matter of fact I served my time in SE Asia and have been disabled for life because of that war. So yes I gave my all and got out ! Those that don't appreciate us which paid your salary all those years would like a little appreciation for your sense of Entitlement.
      Some of us did our duty, then got out.
      I fought for the freedom to be me ! Not just free to be dictated by you...

    5. I was a soldier once. I received certain medals. They were trivial medals. The meritorious variety are awarded for jumping into a trench of scared conscripted adolescents and bludgeoning them to death with a rifle butt. I lacked the character. But medals presented problems. If I put them in the toilet, they might clog it, but I certainly would not want children exposed to them. The military presents problems that Clausewitz did not anticipate.

      Once, in a war of no particular importance, I lay in a hospital of little importance in a country in Asia that didn’t matter. It was just a country. Soldiers kill, who and where and why being beyond their capacities for thought. I was blinded. Soldiers are dirt, and sometimes they get what they deserve. I did. Across from me, though I couldn’t see them, were the survivors of a tank crew. An RPG 2, which you probably don’t know what is, had hit their
      M60, which you probably don’t know what it, had cooked off the cherry juice, which you probably don’t know what is.

      I couldn’t see them. I was a soldier. I was dirt. But I was blind dirt. I couldn’t see them under the plastic sheeting under which they oozed serum. But they spoke of the fire within, and the loader and gunner screaming as their skin sloughed off, and they desperately tried to find the hatches and couldn’t, and died screaming, screaming, fingers groping for hatches they couldn’t find in the smoke and agony and terror, which is why I hate you sonosonfbitches that sent them and us to make money for McDonnell Douglas.

  5. DD, you never cease to amuse me with the variety of your thoughts.

  6. I worry about how so many people don't care about what happens to the environment and what might possibly result. Even if there is a chance of ruining it for our grandchildren, wouldn't we all care - even the executives of companies that have big oil spills? They have children and grandchildren too.

  7. You must be talk'n bout my x-wife.

    I would normally counter Spud's comment, what wasn't at all nice, but I'm gonna just let it slide.

  8. Trouble, don't know about the thinking but I do get in deep dodo at times.

    Sixbears, some are more than animals and some are not. . .

    HJ, thanks, I just tell it like I see it.

    Spud, I am a GOP and vote that way. Unless you mean by GOP as Group Of Peppers?

    Jill, I very seldom have anything planned in advance but just sit down and start writing. After a few lines, I then come up with a title. Then there are some I plan in advance.

    1. Dizzy , I used to vote GOP but todays version gives me pains in the stomach. There are exceptions such as yourself tho lol

    2. This latest joke of an election , I was forced by convictions to Write in Ron Paul, as he was the only one with viable answers to our current ills IMHO

  9. Spud, I thought that Ron Paul was the best candidate. Also liked Kinky Friedman.