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Friday, December 7, 2012

Big Day - Little Post

The wife wants to leave here in about 15 or 20 minutes, so this will be a little (short) post.  She wants to be at the eye glasses place to drop her frames off and get her new lenses installed in both her long distance and her reading glasses.  We figure it will take an hour or two, so will have to wonder around a few stores or maybe even return home and then go back in later to get them.

Also, the new refrigerator will be delivered this afternoon.  Hope that goes well.  I am not sure which door they will want to use to bring it in.  So will have to make sure that there is no obstacles in their path and the dogs will have to be shut in the master bedroom.  One advantage of purchasing the unit from a small dealer is that the salesman and his partner our also the delivery men.  Therefore, we will know who is going to bring it into our home.

Got to run, may update later.  Then again, I may not.  Now, are you in suspense?  Have a great day, it is Friday, you know?


  1. Got a really cool Christmas present,,,lol

  2. Hope the new fridge works out. I like to give the smaller local guys business too.

  3. I need some new frames too but we do not have a one hour or two hour place in Del Rio will have to wait till I can make it to Houston.

    Congrats on the new refrigerator.

  4. Trouble, I hope it will be cool and the freezer part cold.

    Sixbears, if I can, I support the smaller businesses.

    MsB, my wife used her old frames, not it was still over four hound red just for the lenses.