Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, December 17, 2012

Wondering; what a difference a day makes.

Last night when I went to bed it was so very foggy you could cut it with a knife and I wondered if I would drown if I took a deep breath.  I turned on my fashlight and pointed the beam horizontally across in front of my face.  You could see the dancing water droplets just floating around doing their little dance.  It was really thick and I was glad I wasn't out on the road.  This morning when I got up it was completely different.  A front came through during the night and the temperature dropped quite a bit and it was cool and clear.  The sky is a crystal clear blue.  The air is cool and clean.  Just love a morning like this.  Makes you want to get up and get busy. . . almost but not quite (grin).

Got a few errands to do in town today.  Not much going on here to write about and have nothing much on the menu.  Maybe I can come up with a better blog tomorrow, or not.  But one thing for sure, I want all of you to have a great Monday, you hear?


  1. Sometimes the mere passing of a few hours can make a big difference in the weather, especially here in the South!

    It's a good day for doing nothing but just puttering around, I think!

  2. Shoveling 6 inches of snow. More coming down. . . . and yes, I should be in Florida right now. If it wasn't for the holidays.

  3. Mud, mud and more mud here in PA. and some fog..sometimes a bit of frost. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas!

  4. HJ, when I lived up north of Fort Worth, the weather could drop 20 or 30 degrees in a matter of minutes. Nothing between there and that arctic circle.

    Sixbears, that/will make you appreciate the Florida weather even more.

    Jill, the winters up your way were a lot nicer if the ground stayed frozen. Even better if there were snow all season.

  5. Thanks for the weather update. I like knowing what is happening in my neck of the woods when I can not be there.

    I have almost given up on TXCN news...shows like 5 minutes of Channel 11 News and like 10 minutes of that lawyer Treece!!