Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wondering what survived the cold spell.

My wife and I and the pups all survived the cold.  It was cold again this morning but this should be the end of the cold snap.  It will be back in the 70's or higher.  We have to have these short cold snaps so that we appreciate all the wonderful weather we do have in this area.  The only time it gets bad here is when we get visitors from up north and wanted to impress them.  Always seems to work that way.  The last few nights were so clear that it looked like you could reach up and grab the stars and Jupiter was so very bright up there chasing the Pleiades from east to west, you could not ask for a clearer night.

Anyway, I was wondering if the cold killed off anything.  The only thing that seemed to be missing were the mosquitoes, but they will be back.  All the wild flora and fauna seemed intact.  In fact, here is a picture of mushroom that is now growing along side of my driveway.

And the grass and neighboring wild plants still seem lush and green. So I guess our couple of nights of freezing temperatures didn't hurt anything, even me.  I went out walking yesterday morning and it felt really good.  Nice to have a taste of winter once in awhile.  BTW, the weather man said that it may get quite cold for Christmas.  Wow, do you think it would be possible to have a white Christmas down here???  Nah, that only happens once every 25 to 100 years or so.  Who knows...  OK, you all have a great day today and I have to take the garbage down to the road.  That will give me some exhilarating exercise this cool, cool morning.  Thanks for coming by for a read and hope you all return.


  1. We had hard freezes for 2 nites, and at least those horrible black beetles seem to be gone. White Christmas? lolololol,,,Was in Beeville TX a few years ago,,how close is that?

  2. I'm so happy we're moving into summer - Christmas in New Zealand is usually spent at the beach. Your weather sounds very like our late autumn Dizzy and that is my favourite season of all. I found the cold this year very cold and am not looking forward to next winter at all. Bit of a bummer growing old sometimes isn't it.

  3. Glad to hear that the cold spell will be over soon, will be going down that way soon.

    I remember a couple of years back it snowed in Christmas while I was in Houston.

  4. Today is Thursday. Was that winter? or does it have to be after Dec 21st to qualify? Here, all anyone talks about is how dry it is. It would be great to see some snow. Come on Snow!

  5. Trouble, I don't think it was below freezing long enough to kill off all he pests.

    WandaKR, you never know if we will have winter around here or not. Some tears we only have a couple cold nights and other years we may even have cold days. If we do get a cold spell, it doesn't last very long.

    MsB, it will be warming up into the 70's or higher with rain predicted for the weekend.

    Jimkabob, dang Jim, I don't know. If it has to come after Dec. 21, then I guess we will have another cold Thursday. . .

  6. Anything that kills bugs can't be all bad.

  7. I would be happy if it would just go back to cool instead of cold!

    Still, it was kinda nice for a change!

  8. When I think of the extreme heat of summers lately I don't mind the cold at all.

  9. Sixbears, you got that right. Bet bugs are few and far between up your way in the winter.

    HJ, Tevas is a place of extremes, including the weather.

    Gypsy, this old world does seem to be warming up. I talked about that in one of my past blogs.