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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wondering why some things feel so cold.

I just picked up my laptop computer to write my blog and was surprised to feel how cold it was.  Or was it?  Maybe it just felt cold because it is stainless steel.  Well, at least it looks like stainless steel. That doesn't matter, it is metal and when I picked it up this morning it felt extremely cold!!  In fact it felt colder than anything else I touched this morning that was in the house.  If it is real cold and you go outside and pick up two objects, one made of wood and one made of metal, which one feels the coldest?  The metal one does and it got me wondering.  It must have something to do with thermodynamics; the way thet heat and energy act.  I suppose that the piece of wood and the piece of metal are the same temperature, but one transfers the heat or cold (lack of heat) faster than the other.  

If you we born and raised in the cold north, when you were young you were warned about placing your lips or tongue on any cold metal in the winter time.  There is always some wild kid that didn't believe it and had to prove it to himself.  No!!! It was not me!!  There were other warning we were given as kids, like don't eat the yellow snow!  When I was a kid I just loved to be out in the snow.  The worst the blizzard, the more I wanted to be out in it.  Now I live where it would be a rarity in deed to see snow.  Regardless whether it snows or it is hot where you live, just have yourself a really great day, you hear?


  1. I certainly hope that we don't get any snow this year! I'd rather just look at the pictures of other folks' snow scenes!

    Now you have me wondering about the temperature of some of the objects around my place!

    Have a great day!

  2. I seem to be one of the few living up in the Northeast who actually likes snow. Can't ski without it right?

  3. Where I am it feels like summer is finally here and it's wonderful. I love the sun and the wonderful life sustaining Vitamin D...

  4. HJ, they say it may be cold for Christmas. Who knows.

    Jill, I enjoyed the snow and all the fun one could have in it.

    TFT, you guys down there below the equator seem to be the reverse of us up in the north half.

  5. Ain't only tongues and lips that stick to cold metal. slightly damp fingers do to. You'll can keep the snow. I HATE it!