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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Time For a Fun Quiz.

We all think we know a lot of facts about the past, the past being anytime before now.  We all have learned history in school, from the History TV show, and other means.  So, this history test should be quite easy for you.  Let us know in the comments how many you got right.  I will post a list of questions next and then on down near the end of this blog, I will post the answers.

1.   What two countries' air forces did The Red Baron apply?

2.   What part of her body did Princess Diana have pierced for a 2.8 carat diamond stud?

3.   When did number 2 above happen?

4.   What species can change its sex at will by turning its entire body inside out?

5.   People of what profession was Timothy Leary afraid of?

6.   What happened concerning the original MGM lion and its trainers the day after the logo was filmed?

7.   How much were sesame seeds worth during the Middle Ages?

8.   Since Eskimoes have hundreds of words for "snow", how many words do they have for "hello"?

9.   What color socks did Albert Einstein wear?

10.  How long a tunnel can a mole dig in one night?

OK, that is enough for now, but I sure can come up with a lot more if you all like to take trivia tests like this.  Just let me know.

Now, check below for the correct answers and see just how smart you all are.  Don't forget, let us all know how well or how poorly you did on this fun test.

1.   He applied to both the German Army Air Service and the British Royal Air Force.

2.   Her navel.

3.   Just a few hours before her fatal accident.

4.   Surely no one knew this.  It is the striped mittenfish that lives in the deep water of the Java Sea.

5.   He was afraid of barbers and learned to cut his own hair at the age of nine.

6.   The lion killed its trainer and two assistants.

7.   They were worth their weight in gold!!!

8.   None.

9.   Albert Einstein never wore any socks.

10.  I suppose that depends on the mole but they say up to 300 feet.

Now, you all have a great day no matter what your score was, you hear?


  1. I knew nothing..... But would like to have my navel pierced to accommodate a two caret diamond....

    1. I would prefer mine to be set in a ring.

  2. I watch a lot of history shows but surprisingly didn't know a one of these. I could have guessed that Diana pierced her navel to accommodate the diamond, but didn't really know or remember it.

    1. I sure didn't do very well on the test either.

  3. Hermit's Baby SisApril 15, 2015 at 7:26 AM

    I knew only the Eskimo one, Dizzy. If I can get someone to give me the diamond, I'll pierce my navel, but keep the stone elsewhere, thank you very much. Good fun, especially the MGM lion - he seems like such a friendly sort ... LOL

    1. That is better than I did when I was researching for my blog. I didn't know any of them.

  4. Got none right , but interesting trivia.