Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, May 17, 2013

Wondering, it was a long way to come to visit.

I happened to notice John Wells latest post on:

He showed Carl the rooster checking out a rabbit.  I wonder if Carl scared it so bad it ran all the way to my house to be comforted by another cottontail.  I pulled in my driveway and saw these two rabbits at the edge it:

 Can't see them?  OK, here is blow-up showing the two of them.  They are looking in opposite directions.  Maybe they are working as a team.  You know, "you watch that way and I will watch this way".

I wonder if they are a "couple"?  If so, maybe we will have a lot more wabbits around.

My son raises show rabbits and his back yard is full of cages and rabbits of all sizes, shapes, and colors.  Some have huge ears that hang down and look like a hound dog.  Some are small and can fit in you hand and some are huge.  Here are a few pics of some of his many rabbits:

I took these pictures off his Facebook page.    He really enjoys his bunnies.  Did you know that they can be trained to use a litter box and can be kept in your home as you would a cat (or dog)?  Now, you all have a great day today, you hear?



  1. I used to raise rabbits one time. Thought I was gonna be rich sell'n rabbits. Did ya know some mama rabbits eat their babies? There goes the profit potential of rais'n rabbits.
    Two of the bucks would play out in the yard with the dogs. Funniest thing ya ever see.
    Like play'n pool, can ya make a liv'n sell'n rabbits? NO!

  2. My lop eared rabbit looked like the last photo. He would run through the house, sliding on the hardwood floors until he would slam into his litter box. He was perfect at it. I also wondered why no one had phoned me in days. It was then that I saw the telephone cords had all been chewed through.

  3. I did know they could be house broken. My SIL had one that was a long time ago.
    My Dad got the bright idea to raise them to eat,,,HA,,NO ONE would eat them, not even Mother. I would buy them from someone else and eat them but, not the ones he raised.

  4. Two of my daughters keep rabbits as pets. I keep asking if they are ready for eating yet.

  5. Billy Bob, my son raises them for show. Some of them could beat up all three of my dogs at once.

    Lotta joy, yes, they do like to chew on things but they do make good house pets.

    Trouble, yes they can be house trained. We all seem to underestimate the intellect of animals.

    Sixbears, I bet that makes your daughters mad. You do like to stir up trouble don't you.

  6. I don't mind seeing rabbits when they are out in a field, but never up close. I didn't realize they could be house trained.

  7. Gypsy, there are a lot of households today that have a house broke rabbit for a pet. I new a few that had them as pets.

  8. Some of them are cute but the last one would frighten me if I saw it in the night.

    Think I would stick to a traditional pet like a cat :)

  9. Actually, I think they are beautiful creatures! Certainly smarter than we give them credit for!

  10. MsB, They are tougher than you think. They sure can kick hard with their rear legs.

    HJ, we seem to underestimate the intellegence of all animals. They are smarter than most believe.