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Monday, May 20, 2013

Got my grass cut.

I decided that maybe I should cut my grass.  It sure has been growing fast lately.  I fired up my lawn tractor and cut the front half acre in just a few minutes.  That finishid I started on my front yard along my driveway.  That takes a lot longer trying to weave in and out thorugh the many oak trees.  After cutting most of it, I parked the tractor and got out the trusty lawn mower.  It hadn't been run in a long time.  I filled it up with gas and dang, it actually started on the second pull.  I then cut the fenced in dog's yard and the small areas behind my house.  To finish up, I still have a lot of trimming and mowing to do, but I figured it will only grow back so maybe I will get to that part the next time the parts that I did mow, need mowing again.  Now, that sounds logical to me.  Don't you agree?

I was going to write about the meteor strike on the moon last night but six bears of http://sixbearsinthewoods.blogspot.com/ beat me to it.  You can click on the above link, go there, and see his blog and all our comments.  Since I commented on his blog, I will not say any more here on this subject.

Is it warm yet where you all live?  The last few days here have been in the low to mid 90's.  It isn't the heat that bothers me, it is the combination of heat and high humidy that gets to you.  I often wondered why temperatures in the 80's and mid to low 90's felt hot to us humans when our "normal" body temperature is 98.6 degrees.  My mind's logic tells me that anything cooler than body temperature should feel cool to us.  It doesn't!!  Can anyone explain that to me?  Now, keep your cool and keep your heads down in case of any more incoming rocks from space, and have yourselves a very special and happy Monday, you hear?

UPDATE:  I found this video that shows the impact of the meteor hitting the moon.  You may want to watch it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqrJ4cW6Z4c


  1. Hey Dizzy! Thanks for the blog comment. Didn't mean to steal your thunder.

    My grass is finally long enough to cut, for the first time this year. Of course, now we have a spell of rain. By the time it's dry enough, it'll be a jungle.

  2. I thought I was being lazy by not mowing the whole yard. Since you do the same thing, I feel better and not as guilty. The southern part of the yard has about a dozen trees on it, plus some wild flowers that have sprung up this spring. I just HATE to mow those little buttercups down. Now I'm a thinking I take the spot between some trees where the roots are so nasty and turn that into a wildflower garden! More work, I know. Well, dad always said, "You never get done, you just quit."

  3. Now if'n it were me, that lawn tractor would have a big ol' hop up ported an' polished Briggs an' Stratton in it with a couple glass pac's. stick'n out the sides an' 12 inch slicks on the back. Now that's what I'm talk'n bout!!!!

  4. It's been so hot here, my weeds aren't growing.

  5. Sixbears, no problem, you did a better job than I would have done. Maybe you need to get a couple of goats to keep that grass mowed and give you some goat milk, if'n you like that stuff.

    Sharon, I try to leave the cutting go until all the Spring wild flowers have bloomed and spread their seeds, but the front was getting way to shaggy.

    BB, I have watched the souped up lawn tractor races on TV. Now that would be a lot of fun. Mine is four wheel drive so would have to have four slicks (grin).

    Trouble, when wild weeds ain't growing, you know it is hot and dry.

  6. Dang, I forgot to watch the meteor strike on the moon!

  7. Gypsy, me too. I should have taken one of my telescopes out to wathe it up close, but I didn't know exactly where it was going to hit.

  8. To me, about the best climate is where temperatures are in the low 80's and with sun and no humidity.

    1. I like your think'n Jill. That's perfect weather.

  9. Jill and BB, it sounds good to me, too. Now tell me where I can find that weather all year long and in a place I don't need a pass port and can drive my rv to.

  10. Our Monday was hot! I plan to watch the moon video with Eva when she gets home.

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