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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wondering about the terrible storms near Dallas.

Woke up this morning to the news that multiple tornadoes devastated an area near Cleburne, Texas.  That is the area where Windybob of http://windybob.blogspot.com/ lives and very near where Ole Ben of http://benntexas.blogspot.com/ (An Older Texan Remembers) used to live before he passed away.  I can't find Windybob's telephone number so I sent him an email.  I hope his old email address is still the one he uses.  Am anxious to hear back from him.

I have been very close to too many tornadoes and so far have been really lucky.  One, when I lived north of Fort Worth, just missed my house by a few feet but hit my storage building and spread the contents for miles.  I know what they sound like and that sound sends chills up your spine, for sure.  I have heard of some that where so strong that they ripped the paving off of roads and not only took the homes but picked up some of the slabs they were built on.  That kind of power is unimaginable!!

I sure do hope that the sky is clear and the day is nice and sunny for all of you today so that you all can have a nice day, you hear? 


  1. A few years ago,,there was an F4 or 5 just W of here, ripped pavement off too, but what amazed me so much, was it took the color out of the grass, what was left anyway. It was Bermuda, mostly the roots left on the ground. We just stared, in awe.

  2. Had some near misses over the years. Three years ago when they hit the Southeast, we were one step ahead of them. It was chewing up the road behind us like a bad movie.

    Glad it wasn't too near you and yours.

  3. Nothing makes you feel as helpless as being caught in one of Mother Nature's temper tantrums!

    Never been in a tornado, but I've gone through 4 hurricanes in my time...and it wasn't fun!

  4. One of my granddaughters posted on FB yesterday about tornadoes being in the DFW area, but I didn't know about all the damage until I read your post and checked it out online. Real bummer!

  5. Our daughter lives in Glen Rose, just outside of Granbury, and our granddaughter was at work in Granbury when the tornadoes hit. Daughter didn't even get big winds... granddaughter's car was damaged by fist-size hail stones, but is okay. We just left there last month - are there quite often... and are quite familiar with the area. Sounds pretty awful and as sorry as I am that some lost their lives, I know it could have been a lot worse.

  6. I was wondering if anyone whose blog I read was in the path of the tornado. So far you all seem to be ok. It's scary what a tornado can do, but also hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, etc.

  7. Trouble, I have been in and too near a few of them. They can do remarkable and terrible things!!

    Sixbears, that would have been something, being chased down the road by a tornado. I would rather they stayed far away.

    HJ, I know what you are saying. Not only have I been in bad storms here but also on the east coast of N.C. Was on the Outer Banks islands when a hurricane came in. Was forced to leave.

    David, When you see pictures of only a slab where a house used to be, that is really a bad storm. I guess at least six have been killed.

    The Odd Essay, Glad your daughter was OK and the storms didn't get hurt. The car can be fixed. Had hail damage on my Jeep a couple of times and they made it look like new.

    Gypsy, You sure don't want to piss off Mother Nature, she can throw a low of bad stuff at you if you do (grin).

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