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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Some far out numbers

I like math and I like astronomy and I like numbers.  So, I figured I would make this blog about numbers, way out in space numbers.  I was thinking of making it a quiz.  You know, match the number to the event, but just thought that it is the weekend and I sure wouldn't want you all to over work, especially on a holiday weekend.  So, where should I start?

How about I start out with one that is impressive, but it really doesn't matter that much.  What is the number of entries in a new star catalog of the Milky Way's galactic bulge?  Hey, your right!  Now how the heck did you know it is 84,095,284.  If you guessed the right number I want you to pick my next Lotto number.

OK, so you were good at guessing big numbers, how about percentages.  What do you think the pecentage is that the likelyhood that dark energy is really the reason that the universe is expanding?  Dang, you got that right, too.  It is 99.996%.  You must be reading ahead, now that is cheating (grin).

This is a multiple choice one, but I put the correct answers after the magnitudes.  Different stars shine at different intensities as seen here on earth.  The nearest star is the brightest; we call it the Sun.  I did not list the sun below, just stars.  Brightness is measured in magnitudes where the smaller the number the brighter the star.  I will list the magnitude range followed by the number of stars:

-1.5 to -0.51    -    2
-0.5 to 0.49      -    6
-0.5 to 1.49      -   14
1.5  to  2.49     -    71
2.5  to  3.49     -   190
3.5  to  4.49     -    610
4.5  to  5.49     -   1929
5.5  to  6.49     -   5946

Like Trouble would say, ho hum.

OK, the last one.  How about the number 50?  That would be the number of years ago that NASA's Mariner 2 flew by Venus.  Did I put you all to sleep?  Sorry about that, but I find numbers interesting and sometimes, exciting.  Maybe I ought to get out more, what do you think.  Now, you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, you hear?


  1. Trouble ain't the only one what gonna say "ho hum". I could go a bit further with "WTH"?

    So what you're tell'n me is that the moon ain't a star?

  2. Sounds to me like you need a good fishing trip to Huntsville State Park.

    1. Dizzy and Barney,
      Are you in Huntsville? That is my area of the world. Or, are you in TX?

  3. 50 years since Mariner 2! I didn't believe it and had to look it up. Sure enough.

    Weren't we supposed to have colonies on Mars by now?

    . . . and where's my flying car?

    You definitely are a numbers guy.

  4. If I had to take a quiz...this is the type of quiz I like...one with the answers :D

  5. Barney, a fishing trip always sounds good to me!!

    Jimkabob, it stays pretty much loaded. Except for my wife's things, I could hit the road in a matter of minutes.

    Sixbears, I guess we were all too optimistic aboout the future of space travel. They are doing it right now by using robots instead of astronaughts. Cheaper and less loss of life.

    MsB, Always like to please you. If only life's tests had all the answers. . .

  6. After doing the city's payroll for ten years, and working with the State Auditors, I never want to see another number again.

    1. I can understand that. I have had to do many, many calculation in my work as a mechanical designer.

  7. I read your blog to Bill and he lights up and nods his head... but Doggone it Dizzy, I don't have enough fingers and toes to do your calculations...

    1. The Odd Eassay, my short term memory is now so bad that I can't do long calculations anymore (grin). Glad Bill nodded, I think. Which way did he not, side ways or up and down?

  8. I love math. Taught it at the college level for many years. You can get the numbers out any day for me.

    1. Numbers are my friend. Now, I like pretty figures, too.