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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wondering about old sayings, again.

There are a lot of old sayings that I wonder where they came from and if the meanings have changed over the years.  Some can be easily explained and some can not.  I got thinking last night about the phrase "tie the knot" and how the meaning of that became "getting married".  I came to the conclusion that no one knows absolutely for sure where it came from.  One theory is that it pertained to tying the knots to form the support in the wedding bed.  Another was that the bride's dress had knots on it that others plucked off for luck in their future romantic endeavors.  Take a look here: 

Last night a storm front came through the area.  They were predicting severe weather but none materialized around my area, just some scattered lighting and a some needed rain.  Of course it cleared off so we can go to the flea market (grin).  But my old female pup shakes uncontrollably when anything goes bang or boom.  We even gave here some "calming" medicine but nothing seems to help.  So, I didn't get all my beauty sleep and at least for today I have an excuse for being ugly.  Now, I hope all you beautiful readers of  my blog have a very nice day, you hear?


  1. My daughter puts a "thunder blanket" on her dog when it crash/bangs outside. Maybe something about being "swaddled" makes him feel more secure. I don't know much about it but it looks kind of like a straight jacket for dogs... but he's still mobile.

    1. I have heard of those. I will have to get one and see if they work. I wonder if Pet Smart and stores like that carry them?

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  3. Getting some nice rain today -no thunder boomers yet.

    I went to a wedding once where the bride and groom used a two person saw to saw a chunk of wood off the log. Very old Italian tradition I was told -something about the couple working together in marriage.

  4. Sixbears, that may have been the last time they worked together (grin).

  5. I got married three times and I sure wish I knew what tying the knot really meant!

  6. Gypsy, They must have used a slip knot when you got married.

  7. The first time my dog heard thunder, he looked at me to see if it was time to hide under the bed or not.

    Because you can tell when thunder is coming, I got ready, and at the first sound of the incoming boom, I clapped my hands and said "YAY!!!" Now, he just thinks it's something that makes the Alpha female happy. But firecrackers are a different story. Too unpredictable. So my boy and I hide under the bed.

  8. I heard on the news where some areas of Houston got up to five inches but then again Houston is so big and the San Antonio news are not specific...so I have no idea what part of town that might have been :-(

  9. Lotta joy, My mother was deathly afraid of storms but didn't want me growing up the same so she taught me to see the beauty in lightening and I did and I do.

    MsB, yep, Houston got hit hard, even had hail and street flooding. Of course Houston floods if people sweat too much.