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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Questions From Facebook

Mr. Bill Wheeler posted this on Facebook and I copied the questions and put my own answers here on my blog.   Interesting, so why don't you do the same.

Have a great day, you hear?


Four places I've lived:
     1.  Foxburg, PA
     2.  Butler, PA
     3.  Farmington, Michigan
     4.  Wilmington, N.C. and now here in Texas.

Four things I watch on TV:
     1.  The Western Channel
     2.  The Science Channel
     3.  The History Channel
     4.  And of course the News.

Four places I have visited:
     1.  Yellowstone N.P.
     2.  Glacier N.P.
     3.  West Texas
     4.  Niagara Falls

Four places I want to visit:
     1.  Been there done that now I want to stay close to home.

Four things I love to eat:
     1.  Everything except coconut and licorice.

Four favorite drinks:
     1.  Coffee
     2.  Unsweetened tea.
     4.  Cranberry Juice
     5.  Well and spring water.



  1. I've lived in Cincinnati, OH, Sacramento, CA, Falls Church, VA, and Asheville, NC, plus lots of other places. I don't watch tv anymore because I've had the service discontinued!

    I will take a cue from you and say that I've visited Lassen N.P., Roosevelt N.P., Shenandoah, N.P., and the Great Smoky Mtns N.P.

    I want to visit Mexico and Cuba. I dislike yogurt, coconut, and like pretty much everything else. My favorite drinks are coffee, coffee, water, and beer. I like this quiz, Diz!

    1. Thanks Gypsy. It seems that you and I like the same almost the same things.

  2. I have lived in:
    1) Buenos Aires, Argentina
    2) San Jose, Costa Rica
    3) Austin, Texas
    4) Houston, Texas and now Del Rio, Texas

    Four things I watch on TV
    1) HGTV
    2) Telemundo
    3) Univision
    4) The Weather Channel

    Four places I have visited:
    1) Mexico City
    2) Cancun
    3) Dominican Republic
    4) Terlingua

    Four places I want to visit:
    None at this time

    Four things I love to eat
    1) Pizza
    2) Hamburgers
    3) Brisket
    4) Mexican food

    Four favorite drinks:
    1) Beer
    2) Wine
    3) Margaritas
    4) water

  3. Thank you MsB for taking the time to answer the questions. I got a chuckle out of your answers to the last question. I noticed you listed water last. Yep, water is the last resort (grin) when you run out of the first three.

  4. I have lived in USA, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain (too many states and cities to list)

    I haven't had a TV for about 40 years... but like PBS Radio... especially Prairie Home Companion

    I have visited North America, South America, Europe, Asia

    Places I want to visit: Ireland, Australia, the North Pole, Anarctica

    Four Foods I love: Green chile cheeseburgers from Manny's in San Antonio, NM, Avalanche pizza from Athens, Ohio, Pulled pork BBQ from about anywhere, deviled eggs my Mom made.

    Drinks: Wine, ice-cold beer, unsweetened tea, a good bloody mary.

    Fun quiz, Diz.... made me stop and think... especially the foods I like ;-)

  5. Good answers. BTW, I watch stuff on TV now that is in black and white and over 40 years old. There are a lot of old TV shows on. I like the westerns, like Gun Smoke, etc.

  6. gosh, DD, gonna skip this one, but love the others.

    1. I will try to do better in the future.

    2. I did answer this one, Dizzy, but guess my answers and comments to you are not going through anymore. So, I'll just reply this time to your reply to Trouble ...

    3. I don't know why, but your comment is visible when you replied to Trouble. A little glitch in the system, maybe?