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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wondering how far medicine has advanced (part 1)

I was wondering just how far the medical profession has really advanced.  So. . . I decided to check on what was going on in ancient Egypt concerning the medical practices of that day.  First, a little background.  Way back when, since the climate in the desert was so dry, when someone died, they just buried them in the sand and the heat and dry sand just dried out the bodies and, yes, mummified them.  Mummies were so plentiful that they were sold by the ton.  In 1888 they sold for $18.43 per ton.  Then the Aswan Dam was built and put most of them under water.

The ones that were sold were ground up and used as medicine.  Mummy powder was suppose to heal almost everything that ails you and maybe some more.  People sniffed it like snuff, or mixed it in water and drank it, or mixed with herb and other stuff.  Since this powder did come from dead people, many of whom died from terrible diseases, it was no wonder that some users of it came down with strange diseases.  Also, U.S. and Canadian companies bought tons of them and used the cloth that coverd them to make wrapping paper.  Now that makes sense to me, one wrapping to another wrapping...

People were not the only thing that was mummified.  Cows and crocodiles and bugs like scorpions , etc. where also mumified.  In 1888 they discoverd an estimated 300,000 mummified cats.  They even had a special city dedicated to mumifing cats.  I hope all this talk about mummies doesn't make any of you so scared that you run off to your mommies for protection and comfort.  Isn't that what mommies are for?  Now try not to get all wrapped up and have a very good day, you hear?


  1. HAHaaaaa.... oh, me... good morning Dizzy. I swear I didn't think there was another as curious as me pondering wondering kind of person on this planet..

    I gave a speech on various death rituals ~ embalming ~ mummification ~ in high school. I never liked to stud much so I'd gather information and such in Study Hall ~ library and find something that piqued my interest ... ancient religions and so forth.

    My speech teacher told me to sit down. I thought it was very interesting. ha

    I did not know that about the sniffing of mummy dust! what the hell. what kind of mercenary came up with that idea ... hey! there's got to be a way to make money from these mummies just laying around.

    I know! grind 'em up and sell 'em for snake oil ... now there's you a look up thing... the origin of snake oil salesmen... ha!

  2. I'd be a little nervous about sitting down for very long in this Texas sun... with this heat and dry weather I'd probably mummify pretty darn fast... that is, after the fat baked to a crisp.

  3. Carolyn, I always wondered about things, even back in school. Even when I am wandering, I wonder what is around the next curve or down that other road.

    The Odd Essay, You sure do have that right. Even the cactus are wilting. . .

  4. Actually the Egyptians back then were pretty advanced medically. Did brain surgery and some of the people survived. I'd say the most advancement in modern day medical is the prices!

    1. You are right, they did all kinds of surgery. And I agree with you on the advancement of modern day medicine.

  5. I try not to think about the mummies too much. Remind me of some folks I've known in real life, ya know?

    I did read a piece about some artificial limbs being carved and worn by the Egyptians. A big toe was one example!

  6. My question is, if the mummies would have been European would they have been sold and used in such a way?

  7. H.J., they were way ahead of their time, for sure. Just look at the perimids and the statues they designed and created.

    Jill, probably not, but if it was profitalbe enough they probably would. Just follow the money trail.

  8. Not any worse than premarin,,,made out of pregnant mares urine. lololol,,, how many women take that?