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Sunday, August 11, 2013

New middle brake light installation.

As I told you in my older blog, I still need to take the actual driving part of the DMV test to get the class-B endorsement on my driving license.  I figured that the nice policeman who will be giving the test will check all safety items that need to be working and/or on hand for quick use.  Therefore, I spent yesterday on that project and hopefully will get that completed today.

The easiest fix was to get a box of three warning triangles.  The truck supply store just down the road a short piece had them.  They ain't cheap and when I picked up the little red box they are packed it, I was surprised by the weight but then I realized that they needed an heavy bottom to keep them from blowing over when placed at the side of the road.  I already had some red emergency lighting for night use but nothing for the daylight hours.  (Don't know why, because I don't usually drive at night)

Here is a picture of one of my storage compartments where I keep stuff related to maintenance and upkeep of the motor-home.  The red box in front contains the new warning triangles and just behind the box on the left are the two night flashing warning lights. 

In case you are wondering, the wood blocks are used under my leveling hydraulic jacks to keep them from extending too far on uneven ground and to give them a flat, firm place to make contact.  Before I had them, I had the jacks sink into the ground in some places where a special parking pad was not available.
Here is a picture of the old center light which consisted of a lot of LED bulbs.  I have not yet found any to exactly match, but since time is short, I just bought one that will work.  Also, notice my reflection in the back of the RV.  That light is way short of being half way up the back of the coach and to work on it, I had to stand on the trailer hitch in order to reach it:

This is what it looked like underneath: 

And where the wire goes through to it:

And this is the new one.  Actually need to find an angle to mount it to, but maybe for now will just mount it flat and let the lights stick straight up.   The lights will be visible but the reflector part of the light will not.  I will think about it for awhile.  No sense getting in a hurry when work is involved. (grin)
 So that is the story about my RV's ass rear end.  Hope all your rear ends are doing just fine and lit up like they should be so you will have a great day. . .


  1. I had to ask Bill about all this... safety equipment etc... He had his Class A CDL from Ohio so when we became Texas residents last year all he had to have was a physical in order to transfer his Ohio license get his Texas CDL. (Okay... he had to shell out quite a lot of $$$ as well). But it sounds like you were "starting from scratch"... all those requirements. Of course, I'm cynical... think it's all about money... not really about safety and ability. But then... that's me.

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