Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, August 12, 2013

Wondering about seldom heard statements.

I was racking my brain this morning trying to come up with a subject for today's blog.  Then I was talking to my wife and ask her the question which is first on my list.  This got me to thinking of other statements that are seldom heard, so I made up a partial list.  These are all my own thoughts, so if you have heard any better ones or can make up some better ones, please add to the list when you comment.

I’m hard of hearing; can you tell me what I just said?

Wow!  Do you really believe I deserve this raise?

I know I am pretty, but just tell me I’m ugly.

I came in to see you doc, cause I feel good.

I can’t sleep because you are not snoring loud enough.

Stop thief!  You forgot the money in the cookie jar.

The guy saying, “Not tonight honey, I am too tired”.

I’m studying to learn how to make punch cards for computer programs.

I always try to pay more than my fair share of taxes.

My hot-rod car is slower than your car.

Thanks honey for telling me I look fat.

When an officer stops you for weaving; “maybe you ought to stop and get another drink before heading home.”
OK, yes I know those are stupid, but I feel stupid today but at least I have a grin on my face.  Now, I hope I put a grin on your face, too.  Have a great day, you hear?


  1. It is so nice that you can have a stupid day with a smile on your face. REJOICE!!! And give mama a little pat on the backside.

  2. How often do you hear folks say they have way more money than they can spend? Now, for me, Bill would fall over in a dead faint if he heard me say I have too many pairs of shoes ;-) But then, I can't remember him every having too many tools.....

  3. I thought the first one was very good...

  4. Trouble, glad you are smiling :))

    Lotta joy, Thanks, they tell me you can cure stupid but you can't cure ugly. I got a case of both of them. BTW, I gave her a pat.

    The Odd Essay, Good points!! I never have enough tools and when I do have the right one for the job, I can never find it.

    The Flying Tortoise, Thanks, I did say that to my wife this morning and that is where I got the idea for the blog.

  5. I don't TRY to pay my fair share of taxes, I PAY my fair share. Since I now live on Social Security I usually PAY nothing and I think that is fair.

  6. hahaaa

    Eating sugar and fat are very good for maintaining a healthy weight. Calories don't count.

    However, I have found that if you walk backwards while eating said sugar fat; calories skedaddle into the atmosphere to feed birds. or bees.

  7. Ed, I am in the same boat. This is the first year that I haven't done any paying work at all. About time, I am 70.

    Carolyn, I have to have my vitamin C as in Chocolate Cookie Dough Icecream.