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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Wandering to the flea market for blog material

Yes sir, now you know my secrete (grin).  I have to confess that I have used stuff from the flea market for blog posts in the past.  Every now and then you come across some unusual item or book.  I have taken pictures and posted them on my blog and have found books with lots of information that I didn't know.

Well, today is no exception.  I found me a book that I hope has a lot of good, usable information that I can write about in my blog.  It is already working you see, I am writing about it right now.  I love weird and unusual stuff and the title of this book seems to fit what I am looking for.  What do you think?

Well, I hope it has some good stories.  Can't wait to look through it, so I will say, have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Looks like a very cool book! I have one very similar to this one, titled "The book of Bizarre Truths!" Pretty interesting!

  2. I can tell already that we'll be learning all kinds of interesting facts soon. They ARE facts, aren't they?

  3. Can't wait to read some of the gems coming out of that book!

  4. H.J. Don't know yet if it is cool or not. Will have to let you know later.

    The Odd Essay, It is all suppose to be true. Should I believe that?

    Jill, It will take me awhile to check through it and find something I may want to "wonder" about.

  5. Did you buy that from Hermit Jim? Looks like his type of source material. :)

  6. Every kid should own a book like that just to drive a teacher or two crazy. Counting down, 24 days until the first day of school!

  7. HAHaaaaa ... blog fodder at the flea market... hell yeah

  8. Sixbears, No, I got it to try and keep up with him (grin).

    Jill E., I love books like that. Have a few of them. I am pretty good at driving people crazy (grin).

    Carolyn, you bet your sweet bippy it is. . .