Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wondering about my wife's latest cards.

I have posted some of the cards that my wife made to send to the nursing home in Pennsylvania where my aunt is now living.  We send one each weekday.  My wife usually makes the cards and does the art work and I write a rhyme for each one.  Once in awhile I make a card but they are never as nice as the ones that my wife makes.

She has two that are ready to be sent so I thought that I would take a picture of them and post the pictures on todays blog so you can see the latest two cards that will go from Texas to Pennsylvania.  Here is the first one:

She made the three dimensional card and also included a packet of seeds.  I suppose you want to see what the seeds look like, right?  OK.  In the next picture I dumped some of the seeds out so you could see them:

And here is the verse I wrote for it:
Magic Seeds & Flowers
Inside this card you will find some magic seeds.
They produce flowers but never any weeds.
The card cover shows you the pretty flowers.
Will make you smile cause they have magic powers.
Want you to plant our seeds of love in your heart.
So you will think of us when we are apart.
The last picture (below) is the last card she made and it is of a couple of leafless trees.


And the rhyme I wrote for it:

Leafless Tree 

A leafless tree is both beautiful and sad.
But if it’s dead then that would be really bad.
Ruth drew these knurled old trees,
Standing there like sentries.
Keeping guard and watching out for their comrade.

It takes a long time for a tree to grow big.
Can’t remember way back when it was a twig.
Was a seed or acorn?
From which it was born.
But now it thinks it is a very bigwig.
Now I want you all to have a great mid-week bog down day, you hear?


  1. You two are fantastic! Not only for designing and making your own cards... and writing the verses. Creative? YES! But kind and thoughtful - that's just wonderful.

    1. Thanl you for your kind thoughts. We enjoy doing it.

  2. IF ONLY I could drag your wife into my "craft cave" she would squeal like a little girl. I make cards and have for 12 years and I have all the toys. But Joe takes no interest other than for applauding, and while I appreciate that, I'd much prefer having another gurl to have fun with.

  3. My compliments to the design and fabrication and illustration and creative writting team. Yous two do good work!

  4. You are both so clever. I love the packet of seeds!

  5. Lotta joy, I am sure my wife would enjoy your craft cave.

    Jimdabob, Thanks, I hope the recipiants feel the same.

    Gypsy, That was all my wife's idea. I liked it, too.

  6. Brilliant! how creative! but now it thinks its a very bigwig.. HAhaaa ... love it

    1. Thanks Carolyn, and the "bigwig" part, I was having trouble coming up with something that would rhyme and sort of fit in.

  7. I love the way you two ceaselessly minister to your aunt. I'm sure mail call is a lovely bright spot for her each day.

  8. I believe that having to spend most of your later years in one room in a nursing home would become quite boring with nothing to look forward to but death. Anything I can do to give someone in that situration something to look forward to is well worth the effort. Don't think anyone would do that for me, but I will have to wait and see.