Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, February 4, 2013

Wondering if blogs are like TV shows.

I was just wondering where some of the blogs I follow, including mine, would fit if we compared them with TV shows.  They don't all fit into just one category or, in this case, TV show.  Some are like travel brochures, some are like do-it-yourself manuals, some are like encyclopedias, some are full of useful information and some are not, some are about prepping, some are about homesteading, some are about people, some are about children, some are about pets, and some are just plain full of it (grin).  My blog is all of the above, but mostly just "full of it".  I wonder, how many of you recognize yourselves from the above list?  What??  I missed you??  OK, I did forget your category, so here it is:  "The best blog in the universe".  Now, did I get everybody?

The different types of TV shows would vary from variety shows to comedies, from horror  to happiness, from despair to joy, from helpful hints to useless information.  Just like I watch all those type TV shows I also read all the different types of blogs.  If they were all the same I would only have to read one of them, right?  Everyone has their own and usually different opinion of things.  Some of you are such prolific writers and it is a joy to just read your pose, some of you travel in RVs and that always is of interest to me, some of you fish and I love to fish, some of you talk about food and I love to eat.  I could go on and on but I always seem to enjoy reading what you all write and try to listen to what you have to say.

Now that I have written this, I am not quite as full of it as I was when I started (grin).  You see, some spilled out.  Now I hope the TV show which you are in today will be a wonderful and cheerful show full of plenty of sunshine and smiling faces.  In other words, have a great day, you hear?


  1. Today I'm between Science Fiction and Fantasy... I wish I were a mystery, but can't keep a secret. Maybe since I haven't had a TV for at least 35 years I'm so far behind times I don't know what I am... I do know that I enjoy a lot of different kinds of blogs and look forward to their "next edition".

  2. Trouble, I have to agree.

    BJ, most of us do live in reality, but then there are some that live in make believe.

    The Old Essay, 35 years without a TV, wow!! I watch all the old black and white shows from the good old era. I especially like the old half hour Gunsmoke and Law Man.

  3. I don't exactly know what type of tv show my blog could be compared to, but I do know that I wish there was more travel involved. I go when I can but it's certainly not as much as I'd like.

  4. Jill, It seems to me that you do a lot of traveling even if most of it is in my home state. A person can't possibly see all there is to see even in their own area.

    MsB, so you are a Spanish soap opera. WOW, I would have never guessed.