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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Straight pole, crooked back.

Back on Feb. 3, 2014 I posted a blog titled: There was a crooked man. . .  I told you about my power pole being pulled over when the electric company's contractors cut the interfering brush and vines.  Well, yesterday I fixed the problem (I think).  I spend a couple of hours trimming vines and such away from the wires and the pole.  There are still vines attached to the top of the pole but they have been cut off from the rest of the plant so they will not be growing bigger or pulling on the pole or wires.  That was quite a job.  As I stood back and took a breather, I realized that I was only half finished.  The pole is still very crooked and since I cut the brush out around it, it is now leaning much, much worse.  In fact, it was leaning at less than forty five degrees as measured from the ground.  Dang, that isn't a very good situation, now, is it?  I was in such a hurry to get it fixed that I didn't think to take a picture of it, sorry.  I headed into town to the closest place to get to in a hurry that sells treated lumber.  That would be Lowe's.  I got me a two by four, stuck it in the Jeep, and headed home.

After I got home, I cut the end off at an angle so that end of the board would fit flush against the pole.  Then I tied a rope around the pole and got back by the porch and pulled it up.  After I got it up as straight as I could, I tied it off to the porch.  I then dug a shallow pocket for the bottom end of the 2x4.  I stuck the square end in the pocket and wedged the cut end against the pole.  Then I drilled three holes in the 2x4 and used real long heavy screws, I screwed the 2x4 to the power pole.  When I untied the rope, the pole didn't move that I could see.  Job completed.

Oh yes, I suppose you want to see some pictures to prove that I got it back up where it should be?  OK, this first one is taken looking away from the house:

And this second picture is taken from the opposite direction:

We also went to the flea market yesterday morning and so I didn't get started on this project until we got back home.

By the way, when I was coming back from Lowe's, I drove past Wal*Mart just about the time a fellow shot himself in the pharmacy in front of his wife who worked there.  Glad I didn't stop there for something.  After the shooting, they closed the store.

I got my project done and the crooked pole got straight and my straight back got crooked, but this morning it doesn't hurt all that bad.  Now believe me, that was a lot of work for a man my age who has been sitting or laying on the couch for the last few weeks.  No, I was not sick, just lazy.  Now, you all have yourself a really nice day today, you hear?  


  1. Good Job, DD, still don't know why the power comp didn't have to do that. Won't that 2x4 sink into the ground?
    Crazy people out there, horrible thot, to go to a Walmart and see something like that!

  2. You just aged my husband a whole year... his birthday is Feb 3.... where the heck does time go? Okay, I know what you mean... I'm just giving you a rough time. Sorry about the pharmacy thing... how sad for everyone.

  3. Thanks Trouble, I did my best and I will put a post in the ground at the lower end of the 2x4 and fasten the tapered one to it with screws. There are always those finishing touches one has to put off until later. And yes the Walmart thing was terrible. Glad I was just driving by and didn't have to stop.

    The Odd Essay, My birthday is on Valentines day, then I will be "old", or should I say just "older". Of course I am not sure how old you have to get to be "wiser".

  4. I used to think that older meant wiser, but now I just think it means more creak in the joints!

    Looks like a good job on the pole!

  5. Good job Dizzy. Take the rest of the week off. :)

  6. HJ, I think the older I get the dumber I get. And yes it does mean extra creaks in the the joints. Everyone in the room knows when I turn my head. . .

    Sixbears, glad your first sailing trip of the year was a success and thanks for the compliment. I am pretty good at taking days off. Lots of practice.

  7. Amazing isn't it where men shoot themselves these days. In the pharmacy, wow that would have hurt more than in the leg or the arm.
    Guys need to be more careful with their guns I reckon...

  8. I'm glad you didn't stop in Wal-mart too. I just don't really care for it in there. Only go there if I have to.

  9. TFT, I need to find a medical book of anatomy, I am not sure what part of the body is the pharmacy, but where ever it is, it was a vital spot, since he died.

    Jill, I have to admit that I do go there. Between there and Krogers, that is where are food comes from.

  10. Congratulations on a job well done!

  11. Thanks MsB. Every now and then I do get off the couch.