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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Wondering about Makemake.

Why should you wonder about Makemake, and why should I wonder about Makemake, and for that matter, why should anybody wonder about Makemake?  Actually, I can't think of any good reason to wonder about Makemake.  I guess before we go any further, you should know how to pronounce it.  You say it like this: MAH-keh MAH-keh  It is a dwarf planet with a tilted orbit out beyond Pluto.  Here are the orbits; the red one is Pluto, the green orbit is Haumea, and the blue one is Makemake:

The above mentioned objects are all TNOs.  OK, I suppose you want to know what a TNO is, so I will tell you.  TNO stands for trans Neptunium Objects.  Here are some of the largests:

OK, I am going to stop here because you already had enough strange names thrown at you.  Speaking of objects getting thrown at us, we have recently been hit with a couple of fair sized meteorites, one injuring about a thousand people in Russia.

The universe and the small part of it that we call our solar system is a dynamic and ever changing place.  Sometimes for the good of humans and sometimes not.  Keep looking upward, especially on a clear night, and behold the wonders!!!  Now, you all have a great day and don't get hit with any wayward space objects, you hear? 


  1. There's an awful lot of interesting TNOs. Now I'm going to have to do a bit of research to learn more about them. Kinda cool.

  2. Get a crick in my neck if I look up too long.

  3. Sixbears, yes there sure is. There are not a lot bloggers out there interested in this stuff, but I find it all fascinating and want to keep learning more. And yes, they are definitely "cool".