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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wondering about sun spots

This is the year (2013) when our sun should be at its maximum activity during its 11 year cycle and the sun could produce some huge super flares.  So, what does that mean to us?  Well, that depends on whether we take a direct hit, a glancing blow or a complete miss.  A direct hit could be disastrous, especially to the power grid and comunications.  The man made satellites that circle our Earth and used for communications, defense, and scientific study of our earth and the universe will take the hardest and the first hit.  Dang, there goes my satellite TV which I surely do love.

There have been a lot of super flares but thank goodness not many of them have hit the Earth.  The last major hit that that Earth took was back in 1859 and was predicted by Richard Carrington.  Now, all such events are called Carrington Events in his honor.  Back then in 1859 there was not near as much stuff vulnerable to a flare.  But they did have telegraph and it sure did a job on it by shocking the operators and even set the telegraph paper on fire.  The keys kept clicking even when the battery connections were disconected.

Every now and then, Mother Nature has to show us that we are really not in charge and that we are very, very vulnerable to the ravages and whims of the vast universe.  Although we may be but tiny specs in the eye of nature and the universe, you all are very huge in my life, so you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. Dizzy, Just got back from Nashville. Went to see a taping of Larry's Country Diner and Nadine. Was a lot of fun. Thought about you.

  2. What is this thingy that's fixing to come between us and our satellites?

  3. I blame sunspots and sun flares whenever I have problems with the internet, cell phone, TV reception, etc. It's a good catch-all for a lot of things that happen.

  4. Dizzy Dick! I just wish I could get a little sun in my face these days! Sun starved here in central PA.

  5. Papoojack, Wow, I love that show. In fact we watched it last night. They tape them a lot earlier than they are broadcast. Do you know when the one you attended will be on TV? Did you get in the picture? I watched Rhonda Vincent last night and tried to pick along with them. Love my blue-grass and classic country.

    Trouble, it is a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) which is a flare that brakes off the sun and flies out in space. I remember a few years back when the northern part of the US and Canada had black outs from one.

    Gypsy, Sounds like a plan to me. I sure don't want to admit I have no dang idea what I am doing. . .

    Jill, Well "Come on down"!! Plenty of sun here. In fact it is shining bright right now, but will be setting soon. I, too, lived in in western Pennsylvania near Butler (which was about 30 or 40 miles north of Pittsburgh.

  6. I had never heard about Richard Carrington and his prediction until tonight. He must of been a bright fellow to have known that was going to happen with the limited technology of the time.

    Just goes to show one can learn something new every day.